Tackling mental health issues

Descent at the Catstrand is a play about dementia - but also about love.

Fifty-somethings Rob and Cathy are looking forward to reclaiming their own lives now that their daughter Nicola is grown-up and settled; but looming over them is a threat that could rip the future apart for all three of them.

Rob is an architect who is developing dementia. His wife Cathy and daughter Nicola are forced to deal with his downfall and both have different methods on how to do so.

Descent explores what happens as they try to hold on to each other – and themselves – in the face of a diagnosis of early onset dementia.

In an unflinching examination of the heartbreak and despair of the consequences of dementia, Descent at the same time celebrates the courage, the hope, the humanity, and even the humour, of the battle to cope with the effects of the illness.

Written by Linda Duncan McLaughlin and directed by Allie Butler, Descent was awarded Best New Play at the Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland 2016.

For an accurate account of dementia and its struggles, one set and three characters, were all that was needed. The play’s true message is that no-one should have to go through dementia alone and help must be there when it is needed.

See this uplifting performance on Tuesday, May 16 at 7.30pm at the Catstrand, Castle Douglas. Tickets £8 from www.catstrand.com.