New name, new music, same voice

Her Crooked Heart - the new name; the new music of Rachel Ries.
Her Crooked Heart - the new name; the new music of Rachel Ries.

Rachel Ries, singer/songwriter, has reinvented herself as Her Crooked Heart.

Performing under her new name, Her Crooked Heart, Rachel’s first EP, ‘To Gentlemen’, hits the ground spinning May 5, complete with her own limited edition artwork and featuring members of Bon Iver and Field Report.

The songs on ‘To Gentlemen’ are a snapshot of the album yet to come; an album that is disarmingly spare and deeply danceable. The songs wade through the ever-rich and roiling waters of loving, leaving and finding new life again.

Along with diverse collaborators through the years, Rachel has proven herself ever-curious to expand her sound, her scope, and sail on past the confines of ‘singersongwriter.’ After all, sometimes what the heart wants is a syncopated horn line and a string section; a choir of angels and a bass synth, leaving exaltation and devastation.

But one thing has remained true since Rachel’s first homespun release: her compassionate voice, excavating the depths of an all-too-human heart, armed with levity and a pen.

So please, make welcome: Her Crooked Heart. She’s been here all along.

Hear this stunning new performance on Wednesday, May 17, at The Open Book, Wigtown.