Eat Well for Less say Gregg and Chris

Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin present Eat Well for Less?
Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin present Eat Well for Less?

These days there are a number of programmes on television about food. One of the more interesting ones returns on Wednesday at 8pm on BBC1, with a repeat on the same channel on Sunday at 5.35pm.

The programme is called Eat Well for Less? It returns for an eight week season. Each of the programmes in this new fourth series will feature a different family.

The presenters Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin will be helping each of them to make the best possible use of their food budget.

Their aim will be to reduce the cost of the weekly food bill, but to do it in such a way that the families end up with a much healthier diet.

The first edition will feature the Rielly family who live in Middlesex. This programme will be focusing on carbohydrates and their importance or otherwise in people’s diets. There was a time in the past when most families sat down to eat the same meal.

However these days, for a variety of reasons, some parents end up cooking several different meals to please their children. The Rielly family is one such family.

The mother often ends up cooking three different dinners on occasions! Her husband is a great fan of takeaways which can be one of the most expensive means of consuming food. The daughter of the family is very fussy indeed about what she eats.

While the son has a medical condition which means that the carbohydrates that he consumes have to be carefully monitored. As the family food bill is currently rather too large, Gregg and Chris have to try and find meals that the whole family could perhaps enjoy together, which would mean a large saving on money – and time. Will they succeed?

Ian K