Celebrities jump out of their comfort zone

The Jump returns to Channel 4.
The Jump returns to Channel 4.
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Television in recent years, seems to be very interested in producing shows where viewers get the opportunity of seeing celebrities facing numerous challenges out of their normal comfort zone.

To most people the most difficult and dangerous challenge show of them all is The Jump, which was first screened on Channel 4 in January 2014. Celebrities – after receiving weeks of training – had to take part in various winter sports. Each episode, the two celebrities with the slowest time or speed for an event had to face a live ski jump in order to remain in the competition. The three winners so far have been Joe McElderry, Joey Essex and Ben Cohen.

However the third series very much looked as if it would be the last as several of the celebrities sustained injuries during the course of the series and the ratings were rather disappointing. However much to many people’s surprise a fourth series was commissioned and the new series will begin this Sunday at half past seven on Channel 4. However there have been some format changes this time around with more pre-filming being done. The makers of the series are hoping that this time around there will be no injuries. Those taking part this season include Sir Bradley Wiggins, Gareth Thomas, Louis Smith, Jason Robinson, Kadeena Cox, Lydia Bright, Josie Gibson, Emma Parker-Bowles, Caprice Bourret, Robbie Fowler, Spencer Matthews, Jade Jones and Mark Dolan. This year it seems that there are more participants with a sporting background than there have been in previous series. In these kinds of shows, what really helps the ratings is if there are enough celebrities in the show with a large fan following. The series will run for six weeks and the presenter of The Jump will once again be Davina McCall. Ian K