Auntie Beeb is right on the money

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With so many people being on limited budgets these days, it is important for them to make sure that the money that they do have to spend is used as efficiently as possible.

This Morning on ITV regularly features items from Martin Lewis, the money saving expert, about how you can use your money wisely. Starting this Monday and over the next two weeks on weekdays, BBC1 has brought back Right on the Money. This third series will be broadcast every morning at a quarter past nine and then repeated on BBC2 at six thirty in the morning on the following day. The presenters will be Denise Lewis and Dominic Littlewood. Over the course of the ten programmes they will be helping families to manage their spending better. Viewers will also be given expert advice on how to save money. Monday’s programme will seek to help a widow who needs financial guidance. Perhaps downsizing her house might solve some of her problems? And talking of houses, the programme features some suggestions as to how your house could earn you money - such as using any spare space in your attic to store other people’s belongings. On Tuesday there is some help given to people who are finding that with a contactless card it means that it is easier to overspend. There is also help for a family who need to make alterations to their home as cost effectively as possible. On Wednesday the programme focuses on a young couple who want to get married but need to do it as economically as possible. There is also lessons about how people can stay out of debt. Overall the series features a number of human interest stories as well as providing viewers with lots of practical help on various financial issues and situations.