Shadows inspire elegant bronzes

Jennifer Watt, Spring Fling 2017 participant.
Jennifer Watt, Spring Fling 2017 participant.

Dumfries and Galloway artists are preparing to throw open their doors for Scotland’s premier open studios weekend.

Among them is Jennifer Watt, who is based at Burnhead, near Thornhill, and is one of five sculptors in this year’s open studios weekend, which takes place from May 27-29.

Jennifer is nationally known for her elegant bronze and resin figures, many of which celebrate women and motherhood, and which frequently wear a small hat that is a trademark of her work.

A wide variety of works will be displayed in her studio and garden in the small, picturesque southern Scottish village where she and her husband Cameron have lived for 15 years.

Her distinctive style developed after winning a Royal Glasgow Institute prize which involved going to France. While there she became fascinated by human shadows. Her sculptures can each take two months to design and create.

She creates a “skeleton” out of metal rods which is covered in clay and a mould is created for the resin or the molten bronze. After casting it is patinated to achieve the desired texture and colour.

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