Painting island life

The islands of Mull and Iona feature in Kirkcudbright in a new exhibition which has just opened at the Tolbooth Art Centre.

This body of work is about Sally and Graham Bruce Richards’s discovery of these magical islands.

All the paintings are collaborations. Graham paints the background landscape, using mainly acrylic applied in various techniques other than just brushwork – spraying and flicking the paint with a number of different tools and using his hands. These are done either en plein air, which usually has to be done quickly as Mull’s weather is ever-changing, or working from studies in the studio.

Sally then brings a vibrant twist, sometimes an almost abstract interpretation to the foreground, giving a three-dimensional feel to the work. Peering over the gorse to distant views of inky lochs, wading through the marram grass glimpsing turquoise waters of Calgary, twisted wire flecked with strands of wool quivering in the breeze.

Their exhibition, Fresh Impressions – Mull and Iona, runs until April 28 in the Tolbooth Art Centre’s main gallery. The Tolbooth is open from Monday to Saturday, 11am-4pm with free admission.