Youngsters put on a thriller

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Wigtownshire Under-16s 39, Newton Stewart Under-16s 31

On Sunday, the ’Shire youth section played host to Newton Stewart at London Road, Stranraer.

This was Wigtownshire’s first match in the new West Regional Under-16 Division 2 South.

Unfortunately, both clubs are struggling for players at the age group, but in the spirit of the game Newton Stewart travelled to Stranraer short of a full complement so both squads were augmented with older boys from ’Shire to hold a 14-a-side match.

The match was played under the watchful eye and control of ’Shire head coach and referee Alan McKie.

Newton Stewart took an early lead in an entertaining and keenly contested first half. At the interval, changes were made to the structure of both teams. Fortunes were reversed in the second half and when Mr McKie brought the match to a close the score stood at Wigtownshire 39, Newton Stewart 31.

Once more it was great to see the young players from both clubs taking to the field and enjoying the game. As they are learning, it is very important that they can do so in a competitive environment. Training with your team-mates is completely different to playing in a proper competitive contest against another club.

It was clear from the eventual scoreline that both sides had no trouble in taking their opportunities when they were presented.

’Shire coach Eddie Stevenson said: “It is great that the boys get a chance to play. It makes the training we do meaningful. I really appreciate the fact that Newton Stewart travelled today. I am sure with this kind of good will we’ll be able to build teams for the future.”

The youth section at ’Shire are in action again this Sunday at home against Moffat, while Newton Stewart are due to play against Paisley/Garnock at Bladnoch Park.

Wigtownshire: B Ross, T Birkett, W Doyle, K Aitken, K Stevenson, J Hannah, D Rickard, C Lammie, A McIntosh, K Hannah, E Jamieson, S Haazen, S Henry, K Knott, P Reid, J McCurry, G Henry.

Newton Stewart: R Smith, T Macdonald. R Macdonald, R Matley, D Purves, F Galloway, M Conlan, F Morton, G Cowan, S Jackson, P Davidson.