Winter Dressage champions at Calgow

Calgow dressage
Calgow dressage

Calgow Equestrian held their winter dressage championship last week with all the competitors who had won their classes throughout the winter months taking part.

On the day, there was also the final monthly inter-dressage competition.

The Calgow summer dressage starts at the end of April. For more details check facebook later in the month.


Calgow walk/trot Test class 1

Children -1, Jade Stewart on Holly; 2 Keera McClymont on Strawberry Shortcake; 3, Sarah Jones on Snoopy

Adults-1, Julia Worrall on Sheba; 2, Carol Gibson on Strawberry Shortcake; 3, Gillean Pearce on Ruby

Calgow walk/trot/intro to canter

Children- 1, Jade Stewart on Holly; 2, Britney Hill Sherwin on OhOh

Adults- 1, Julia Worrall on Sheba; 2, Gillian Pearce on Ruby

Intro B

Children- 1, Emily-Mae Coussins on Pie; 2, Caitlyn Sherry on Skye

Adults- 1, Julia Worrall on Sheba; 2, Darcy Spencer on Macy; 3, Sandra Lawrenson on Cally

PC Intro

Children- 1, Keera McClymont on Strawberry Shortcake

Adults- 1, Steff Singleton on Pie; 2, Emily Singleton on Blaze; 3, Raymond Keenan on Datsie

Prelim 1

Adults- 1, Anne Keith on Barney; 2, Steff Singleton on Pie