Winners are right on Cue

Hugh Parker (President); Babs McIntyre (third); Sandy Cronie (skip); Billy Benson (second); Robert Cannon (lead).
Hugh Parker (President); Babs McIntyre (third); Sandy Cronie (skip); Billy Benson (second); Robert Cannon (lead).
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The Cue Stick competition was played out on Monday, December 3, on the curling rink at the North West Castle Hotel, Stranraer.

This popular competition, sponsored by Mrs Bertha McDowall, lasted one day and involved 16 teams (64 curlers in all) playing in two sections of eidht – all players having to use the cue stick. Each team played two five-end games with breaks in between each section’s games on the Shenkell system wherein points for wins and peals (draws), ends won, shots up and total shots scored counted towards deciding the winners and runners-up in each section.

After some excellent and close games the two section winners proved to be Bill Scott’s team and the rink of Sandy Cronie. The runners-up were Janette Sloan and Peter Lupton. These four rinks played off in the finals to decide the order of places from first to fourth.

In the finals, Janette Sloan got the better of Peter Lupton to take third place. Sandy Cronie continued his hugely successful season by winning the competition, leaving Bill Scott to pick up the runners-up prize.

Hugh Parker, president of the Stranraer Ice Rink Curling Club, thanked Bertha McDowall for sponsoring the competition so generously once again. Hugh recorded that Bertha’s husband, Jim McDowall, a former club president, had originally started the competition and supplied the trophy years earlier and it had now become one of the most popular of the season. Bertha then handed the trophy to Sandy Cronie and his winning team along with wonderful prizes to all the four rinks who partook in the final. Finally, former president Alan Henry awarded the prize that he himself sponsored to the best user of the cue stick in the competition, Mrs Linda Shaw.

Winners: Sandy Cronie (skip); Babs McIntyre (third); Billy Benson (second); Robert Cannon (lead).

Runners-up: Bill Scott (skip); Gillian Campbell (third); Chick Jolly (second); Diane James (lead).

Third: Janette Sloan (skip); Robert Smith (third); Harry Waugh (second); Jim Keenan (lead).

Fourth: Peter Lupton (skip); Christine Quinn (third); Bob Agnew (second); Lillian McMiken (lead).