Wigtownshire practice

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Wigtownshire Bowling Association is holding a practice match on Sandhead Bowling Green on Tuesday, May 10.

Could all the following players please report to the green for 6.45pm:

M Lindsay (ST); J Arnott )ST); D Arnott (ST); P McCutcheon (ST); M Kelly (ST); G Reid (ST); A Lyons (WH); D Jolly (WH); S Kennedy (WH); J Milligan (WH); J Boyce (WH); J Penrose (PW); A McLelland (PW); A McMillan (PW); D Kiltie (PW); A McClurg (PW); W McMillan (PW); G Penrose (PW); B Tait (WT); D Bark (WT); D Cannon (KCN); D McColm (SH); R Stevenson (WE); B Wright (WE); A Rennie (WE); A Cairnie (WE); B Greenhill (KCM); B McKie (KCM); S McGaw (KCM); S Dodds (GL).

On Saturday 16th April Port William Bowling Green opened. Monica Melia threw the Jack. President J.Penrose welcomed everyone.

The club wishes to thank Jason Boyce Joinery, John Boyce Plasterers and Kinnears Carpets for all work done on the Clubhouse.