Wigtownshire junior badminton championships 2016

Under 18's
Under 18's

The Wigtownshire Junior Badminton Championships were held a week earlier than usual due to the Easter holidays being brought forward.

Monday 9th March saw the first matches in the Under 15’s where Loughran McCarthy and Charlie Stewart from DEHS took singles, doubles and mixed for three gold medals apiece. Loughran paired up with Thomas Scott in the boys doubles beating Cameron Bingham and Jordan Rennie (STR) in the final. Millie McClymont partnered Charlie to win the girls doubles with a close match against Molly McLean and Erin Rankin (STR). The Under 18’s on the Wednesday saw all five finals contested by DEHS pupils. This turned out to be a re-run of the Machars finals. Once again it was Russell Morton taking home three gold medals for singles, doubles and mixed. He and partner Lewis Wallace had a very tight final in the boys’ doubles against Loughran McCarthy and Kyle McCrone, but held on to win.

In the girls’ singles Jennifer Craig once again proved too strong for Kezia Dale and with partner Charlie Stewart she gained her second gold just easing out Kezia and her partner Ellie Mactier in the girls’ doubles. Unfortunately Jennifer was once again unable to make it a treble as she and Lewis couldn’t hold off the strong pairing of Russell and Kezia in the mixed doubles.

Thursday night saw twelve primary schools represented with some thrilling and very close matches. This year the championships were restricted to primary six and primary seven pupils only, as the top two boys and girls from these age groups have the opportunity to go forward to the Dumfries and Galloway Active Schools finals later this month. Also, the mixed was omitted to give the children an opportunity for longer games in the singles and doubles. A very high standard was on show with Corey Ross (Cree) emerging a well deserved winner of the boys singles against fellow classmate Sean Cuthbertson. The girls singles saw Niamh McCarthy (Penn) and last year’s finalist Chloe Munro (Sand) see off all opposition to meet in the final with Niamh just coming out on top. A second gold was in store for Niamh, as she and her partner Vanessa Ho (St N)) took on Abby Walker and Catherine Cleer (PW) in the girls doubles final. The boys’ doubles final was a very exciting game to watch with Corey and Sean just managing to overcome Ben Petrie and Gergo Orban (Minn) to take the title.

At the prize giving Mrs Strain thanked the children for attending and showing such good sportsmanship and patience when waiting between games, making it an excellent night of badminton. Thanks must also go to the DEHS pupils who umpired and to Mrs Sproat who took over a court later on. Thanks also to Matthew Robinson for stepping in at the last minute to do the results table. Finally well done to all the children and to the coaches and teachers who have worked so hard with them throughout the year and to the parents for supporting their children and transporting them to and from the event.

Results Under 15 Girls Singles

Charlie Stewart bt Fern Paterson 15-4. Erin Rankin bt Lori Hyslop 15-10.

Molly McLean bt Ashleigh Cloy 15-12. Charlie Stewart bt Erin Rankin 15-6

Molly McLean bt Shannon McCutcheon 15-8

Final: Charlie Stewart bt Molly McLean15-7

Under 15 Boys Singles

Douglas McMeiken bt Adam Old 15-5.Robbie Mann bt John Sproat 15-10.

Jordan Rennie bt Thomas Scott 15-7. Jamie Smith bt Callum Donald 15-10.

Alistair Craig bt Cameron Bingham15-9 Loughran McCarthy bt Douglas McMeiken 15-5

Robbie Mann bt Jordan Rennie 16-14. Lewis Hoskins bt Nathan McCulloch 15-3

Alistair Craig bt Jamie Smith 15-10. Loughran McCarthy bt Robbie Mann 15-0

Alistair Craig bt Lewis Hoskins 15-5

Final: Loughran McCarthy bt Alistair Craig 15-3

Under 15 Girls Doubles

Charlie Stewart & Millie McClymont bt Lori Hyslop & Fern Paterson 15-7

Molly McLean & Erin Rankin bt Shannon McCutcheon & Ashleigh Cloy 18-16

Final: Charlie Stewart & Millie McClymont bt Molly McLean & Erin Rankin 15-12

Under 15 Boys Doubles

Loughran McCarthy & Thomas Scott bt Douglas McMeiken & Lewis Hoskins 15-5

Jamie Smith & Robbie Mann bt Adam Old & Nathan McCulloch 15-10

Cameron Bingham & Jordan Rennie bt Callum Donald & Jake Moore 15-6

Loughran McCarthy & Thomas Scott bt Alistair Craig & John Sproat 15-9

Cameron Bingham & Jordan Rennie bt Jamie Smith & Alistair Craig 15-13

Final: Loughran McCarthy & Thomas Scott bt Cameron Bingham & Jordan Rennie 15-8

Under 15 Mixed Doubles

Douglas McMeiken & Molly McLean bt Lewis Hoskins & Ashley Cloy 15-13

Callum Donald & Millie McClymont bt Jordan Rennie & Erin Rankin 19-17

Loughran McCarthy & Charlie Stewart bt Douglas McMeiken & Molly McLean 15-5

Cameron Bingham & Shannon McCutcheon bt Callum Donald & Millie McClymont15-9

Final: Loughran McCarthy & Charlie Stewart bt Cameron Bingham & Shannon McCutcheon 15-7

Under 18 Girls Singles

Caitlin Jolly bt Linda Sigai 21-15. Hannah Birse bt Chloe Tressler 21-16

Kezia Dale bt Ellie Mactier 21-10. Charlie Stewart bt Keira Hayton 21-7

Hannah Birse bt Kirsty Lowrie 21-7 Jennifer Craig bt Caitlin Jolly 21-6.

Kezia Dale bt Charlie Stewart 21-9.Jennifer Craig bt Hannah Birse 21-5

Final: Jennifer Craig bt Kezia Dale 21-14

Under 18 Boys Singles

Kyle McCrone bt Jordan Harvey 21-17. Brendan Todd bt Cameron Bingham 21-10

Russell Morton bt Callum Murray 21-16. Lewis McCulloch bt Jordan Harvey 21-16

Loughran McCarthy bt Brendan Todd 21-17. Lewis Wallace bt Craig Corbett 21-8

Russell Morton bt Lewis McCulloch 21-7. Loughran McCarthy bt Lewis Wallace 21-12

Final: Russell Morton bt Loughran McCarthy 21- 9

Under 18 Girls Doubles

Hannah Birse & Caitlin Jolly bt Chloe Tressler & Linda Sigai 21-8

Jennifer Craig & Charlie Stewart bt Kirsty Lowrie & Keira Hayton 21-6

Kezia Dale & Ellie Mactier bt Hannah Birse & Caitlin Jolly 21-6

Final: Jennifer Craig & Charlie Stewart bt Kezia Dale & Ellie Mactier 21-16

Under 18 Boys Doubles

Loughran McCarthy & Kyle McCrone bt Craig Corbett & Cameron Bingham 21-12

Russell Morton & Lewis Wallace bt Callum Murray & Jordan Harvey 21-6

Loughran McCarthy & Kyle McCrone bt Brendan Todd & Lewis McCulloch 21-13

Final: Russell Morton & Lewis Wallace bt Loughran McCarthy & Kyle McCrone 21-18

Under 18 Mixed Doubles

Russell Morton & Kezia Dale bt Callum Murray & Chloe Tressler 21-8

Kyle McCrone & Ellie Mactier bt Craig Crobett & Kirsty Lowrie 21-16

Loughran McCarthy & Charlie Stewart bt Cameron Bingham & Keira Hayton 21-8

Russell Morton & Kezia Dale bt Kyle McCrone & Ellie Mactier 21-13

Lewis Wallace & Jennifer Craig bt Loughran McCarthy & Charlie Stewart 21-19

Final: Russell Morton & Kezia Dale bt Lewis Wallace & Jennifer Craig 21-13

Primary Girls Singles

Chloeanne Plunkett bt Ellie Flynn 11-5. Hollie Monteith bt Brogan Lockhart 11-5

Molly Coulter bt Briana Hamilton 11-7. Abby Walker bt Katie McMillan 11-5

Abigail Turner bt Rebecca Brown 12-10. Abbigale Henry bt Kelsey Quinn 12-10

Jessica Sproat bt Catherine Cleer 11-2. Sophie Hall bt Kelsey Stevenson 11-7.

Anna Christie bt Lauren Hill 11-2. Katie McCaig bt Mia Moore 11-8.

Vanessa Ho bt Tammy Campbell 11-4. Elli Wadsworth bt Natalie Gaw 11-2

Skye Herries bt Enya Dodds 14-12. Chloe McElrea bt Abbie Dunlop 11-4

Niamh McCarthy bt Chloeanne Plunkett 11-1. Molly Coulter bt Hollie Monteith 11-7

Abby Walker bt Abigail Turner 11-1. Jessica Sproat bt Abbigale Henry 11-3.

Sophie Hall bt Anna Christie 11-7. Vanessa Ho bt Katie McCaig 11-5.

Elli Wadsworth bt Skye Herries 11-4. Chloe Munro bt Chloe McElrea 11-5

Niamh McCarthy bt Molly Coulter 11-2. Abby Walker bt Jessica Sproat 11-3

Vanessa Ho bt Sophie Hall 11-3. Chloe Munro bt Elli Wadsworth 11-5.

Niamh McCarthy bt Abby Walker 11-6. Chloe Munro bt Vanessa Ho 11-8

Final: Niamh McCarthy bt Chloe Munro 11-5

Primary Boys Singles

Sean Cuthbertson bt Dawson MacDonald 11-0. Ethan Hill bt Harvey Reynolds 11-0

Ben Petrie bt Bruce Copeland 11-6. Marco Sandiford bt John Hughes 11-2

Rory Mann bt Logan Anderson 11-1. Sean Cuthbertson bt Lewis Allison 11-2

Brogan Campbell bt Ian Dorans 11-5. Wilson Sloan bt Ethan Hill 11-5

Callum Cummings bt Connor Duncan 11-8. Kerr Calderwood bt Jake Donnelly 11-5

Corey Ross bt Cole McClymont 11-2. Angus McLaughlin bt Ryan Martin 11-6

Ben Petrie bt Daniel Gorman 11-8. Ashton McKeand bt Callum McKeand 11-5

Drew Fisher bt Marco Sandiford 11-3. Gergo Orban bt Robbie McColm 11-0

AJ Smith bt Ben Kyle 13-11. Finn Marshall bt Craig McWilliam 11-2

Rory Mann bt Ben Newton 11-0. Sean Cuthbertson bt Brogan Campbell 11-0

Wilson Sloan bt Ryan Edgar 11-6. Kerr Calderwood bt Callum Cummings 11-9

Corey Ross bt Angus McLaughlin 11-4. Ashton McKeand bt Ben Petrie 11-8

Gergo Orban bt Drew Fisher 11-1. Finn Marshall bt AJ Smith 11-8

Sean Cuthbertson bt Rory Mann 11-7. Wilson Sloan bt Kerr Calderwood 11-5

Corey Ross bt Ashton McKeand 11-6. Gergo Orban bt Finn Marshall 11-3

Sean Cuthbertson bt Wilson Sloan 11-8. Corey Ross bt Gergo Orban 14-12

Final: Corey Ross bt Sean Cuthbertson 11-9

Primary Girls Doubles

Chloe McElrea & Brogan Lockhart bt Hollie Monteith & Tammy Campbell 11-5

Sophie Hall & Katie McMillan bt Katie McCaig & Abbie Dunlop 13-11

Abby Walker & Catherine Cleer bt Mia Moore & Chloeanne Plunkett 11-1

Abbigale Henry & Kelsey Stevenson bt Ellie Flynn & Lauren Hill 11-8

Anna Christie & Elli Wadsworth bt Abigail Turner & Rebecca Brown 11-4

Enya Dodds & Molly Coulter bt Skye Herries & Briana Hamilton 13-11.

Niamh McCarthy & Vanessa Ho bt Natalie Gaw & Kelsey Quinn 11-1.

Chloe Munro & Jessica Sproat bt Chloe McElrea & Brogan Lockhart 11-4.

Abby Walker & Catherine Cleer bt Sophie Hall & Katie McMillan 11-1.

Anna Christie & Elli Wadsworth bt Abbigale Henry & Kelsey Stevenson 11-8.

Niamh McCarthy & Vanessa Ho bt Enya Dodds & Molly Coulter 11-1.

Abby Walker & Catherine Cleer bt Chloe Munro & Jessica Sproat 13-11.

Niamh McCarthy & Vanessa Ho bt Anna Christie & Elli Wadsworth 11-2

Final: Niamh McCarthy & Vanessa Ho bt Abby Walker & Catherine Cleer 11-9

Primary Boys Doubles

Wilson Sloan & Bruce Copeland bt Dawson McDonald & Daniel Gorman 11-7

Rory Mann & Ryan Martin bt John Hughes & Jake Donnelly 11-0

Wison Sloan & Bruce Copeland bt Ethan Hill & Angus McLaughlin 11-3

Drew Fisher & Corey Ross bt Brogan Campbell & Craig McWilliam 11-6

Ben Petrie & Gergo Orban bt Ian Dorans & Robbie McColm 11-2

Lewis Allison & Cole McClymont bt Ben Newton & Connor Dawson 11-9

AJ Smith & Sean Cuthbertson bt Kerr Calderwood & Ashton McKeand 11-8

Finn Marshall & Callum Cummings bt Callum McKeand & Logan Anderson 11-3

Rory Mann & Ryan Marshall bt Wison Sloan & Bruce Copeland 12-10

Drew Fisher & Corey Ross bt Ben Kyle & Ryan Edgar 11-6

Ben Petrie & Gergo Orban bt Lewis Allison & Cole McClymont 11-5

Finn Marshall & Callum Cummings bt AJ Smith & Sean Cuthbertson 12-10

Drew Fisher & Corey Ross bt Rory Mann & Ryan Martin 11-1

Ben Petrie & Gergo Orban bt Finn Marshall & Callum Cummings 11-6

Final: Drew Fisher & Corey Ross bt Ben Petrie & Gergo Orban 12-10