Wigtownshire Bowling Association draws and results

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Draw for the WBA Pairs, to be played on Friday, August 12 at 6.30pm:

West End green - A Hainey WE v A Higgins ST

Sandhead green - D McColm SH v R Baillie SH

Pairs semi-final - Friday, August 19

Draw for the WBA Fours, to be played on Tuesday, August 16 at 6.30pm:

Isle of Whithorn green - Dek Kiltie IoW v S Maguire IoW

Whithorn green - R Kennedy WH V K Maguire IoW

Stranraer green - C Reid ST V R Baillie SH

West End green - A Hainey WE V B Greenhill KC

Fours semi-final - Monday, August 22

WBA Champion of Champions, to be played on Monday, August 15 at 6.30pm:

Kirkcowan green - M Kelly ST or R Bark WT V A McLelland PW or P Thomson PP

Newton Stewart green - Dv McColm SH or M McColm WE V Dek Kiltie IoW

Newton Stewart green - J Lyons WH V D Cannon KC

Winners play August 22

WBA Senior Fours, to be played on August 15 at 6.30pm:

West End green - D McNeillie CK or D Highley PP V D Maguire KC or M Arnott ST

WBA Senior Triples League

Saction A

P S/F S/A Pts

Stranraer C 4 78 35 6+43

West End A 4 60 43 6+17

Kirkcolm A 4 57 49 6+8

Stranraer A 4 48 57 2-9

N Stewart B 4 41 70 2-29

Winner Section A - Stranraer C

Section B

Stranraer B 4 53 38 6+15

Stranraer D 4 53 43 6+14

N Stewart A 4 53 52 4+1

C Kennedy C 4 53 57 2-4

Portpatrick A 4 40 66 2-26

Winner Section B - Stranraer B

Overall championships final - Stranraer C V Stranraer B, to be played on Saturday, August 27, at the WBA Championship finals at Castle Kennedy green.