Wigtownshire Bowling Association

The WBA are holding a practice match on Sandhead Bowling Green on Tuesday, May 10.

Could all the following players please report to the green for 6.45pm for this game and final team selection:

M Lindsay (ST); J Arnott )ST); D Arnott (ST); P McCutcheon (ST); M Kelly (ST); G Reid (ST); A Lyons (WH); D Jolly (WH); S Kennedy (WH); J Milligan (WH); J Boyce (WH); J Penrose (PW); A McLelland (PW); A McMillan (PW); D Kiltie (PW); A McClurg (PW); W McMillan (PW); G Penrose (PW); B Tait (WT); D Bark (WT); D Cannon (KCN); D McColm (SH); R Stevenson (WE); B Wright (WE); A Rennie (WE); A Cairnie (WE); B Greenhill (KCM); B McKie (KCM); S McGaw (KCM); S Dodds (GL).