Tyler Jolly wins gold at Scottish Youth Championship

Braveheart's Tyler Jolly won gold at the Scottish Youth Championship held at Boxing Scotland headquarters in Brigton, Glasgow last Sunday.

Bravehearts Tyler Jolly won gold at the Scottish Youth Boxing Championship
Bravehearts Tyler Jolly won gold at the Scottish Youth Boxing Championship

Tyler’s opponent was Southpaw Craig Morgan from the famous Lochend Gym in Edinburgh.

The bout was eagerly anticipated as both boxers had performed spectacular in their respective preliminary bouts.

As the first bell rang, both boxers met in the middle, with both keen to set the pace but it Morgan that had to back off as the Bravehearts strength started to show, connecting with his trademark straight right and then left hook early in the exchange.

Round two, the referee allowed both boxers to move in and out of range which suited Tyler’s style and the Braveheart was always finishing with the cleaner shots after each exchange.

Round three as always where medals and titles are concerned, are where boxers throw everything left in there arsenal in an attempted to take the win,

It was Tyler’s time to shine, Morgan was lunging and missing with heavy shots, Tyler’s footwork allowed him to slip and catch the Southpaw clean on the chin, forcing the referee to give Morgan an eight count to recover, just before the sounding of the final bell.

Tyler Jolly received a unanimous win.

Coach Bobby Cloy said: “Tyler has worked his socks off for these championships and he showed today that he is a worthy winner. He is now off to a training camp in Russia this Thursday for two weeks and these hard bouts will hold him in good stead for The Nolay Pavlyukov Memorial Tournament.”

The Nikolay Pavlyukov Memorial is one of the toughest youth tournaments on the calendar with countries such as Cuba, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ireland and Belarus all attending in the past.

It will be a great bench mark for Tyler and the rest of the Bravehearts, with some of the boys potential Gold Coast boxers for 2018.

The training camp begins on March 4 with competing commencing on March 11.