Top of the World

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STRANRAER curler Vicki Adams is heading for the playoff and hopefully another gold medal at the World Junior Curling Championships taking place at Perth Ice Rink.

Twenty-one-year-old Vicki who plays second stones for skip Eve Muirhead with team mates Anna Sloan and Rhiann Macleod are top of the table after beating Russia 7-4 yesterday morning. With seven wins and one loss the Scottish girls are not guaranteed a berth in the 1v2 playoff and, as the favourites, look a safe bet for a place in Sunday’s final.

She said after the Russia game: “We are in a good position now being in the 1v2 playoff and Eve has just told me she has never lost a 1v2 playoff. So just a few more games!”

Vicki has previously won the world junior championship in 2008 and 2009.

Another Stranraer curler Jay McWilliam has been on and off the ice all week in his role as alternate for the Scots men, skipped by John Penny from Aberdeen.

In a traumatic time, Jay has found himself playing third, skipping and even confined to his bed after a tummy bug raged through the team. The boys had to play two games with only three players, but are currently in joint third place on five wins and three losses - with a full team now back on the ice. They faced Sweden in the last round-robin game yesterday.