Tommy is Kirkcudbright high gun

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Kirkcudbright Gun Club held their opening shoot on Sunday 17th April at Campbeltown Farm, Twynholm. 30 shooters took part in the days events and although the weather remained dry for most of the day with only occasional showers it was bitterly cold throughout. The High Gun Trophy for the day was won by Tommy Galashan with a score of 143x150. He also won the Members High Gun trophy for Events 2 and 3 with a score of 73x75. The Veterans Trophy for the day was won by Finlay Bell with a score of 140x150. The junior winner was Scott Carson with a score of 128x150. The Domenicelli Trophy for events 1 and 4 was won by Bobby Miller with a score of 73x75. The Pool Trap was won by Peter Allison after a shoot off with Davie McCulloch and Wilson Munro. Pictured left to right are prizewinners Davie McCulloch, Finlay Bell, Tommy Galashan, Peter Allison, Bobby Miller, Scott Carson,

Other Prizewinners were: Event 1 - Possibles - C. Maxwell, B. Miller, W. Little, W. Munro, A. Carson, S. Nichol.

29 Points - F. Bell, S. Carson, T.Galashan.

Event 2 - R Clacherty, B Miller.

44 Pts - T Galashan, B Carson.

42 Pts - D Brown, D Owen, F Bell, A McKeand, W Munro.

Event 3 - Possibles - D Brown, F Bell, P Allison, A Carson.

29 Pts - C Maxwell, T Galashan.

Event 4 - 44 Pts - M A Stuart,

43 Pts - B Miller,

42 Pts - D Brown, A McKeand, C Proudfoot

41 Pts - T Galashan, P Allison, B Carson.