Title number four for Christine and Co!

Scottish Senior Champions - Margaret Richardson, Isobel Hannen, Christine Cannon and Jackie Lockhart'Photo credit - RCCC 2017
Scottish Senior Champions - Margaret Richardson, Isobel Hannen, Christine Cannon and Jackie Lockhart'Photo credit - RCCC 2017

The Cannon curling family from Wigtown were celebrating again at the weekend when Christine Cannon won the Scottish Senior Curling title at Hamilton.

The family were just getting back down to earth after Christine’s son Gregor won Gold at the University Games, but can now look forward to Christine and her team’s trip to the world senior championships in Canada in April, where they will be defending their title.

This formidible foursome - Jackie Lockhart, skip, Christine, third, Isobel Hannen, second and Margaret Richardson, lead - swept all opposition aside at the championships with seven straight wins.

The team are no back to back Scottish Senior Champions, and for three of them - Christine, Isobel and Margaret - this is their fourth Scottish senior title in five years.

In the final, they found themselves up against Team McLaren (Jane McLaren – skip, Jackie Craig, Fiona MacFarlane and Marjorie McCulloch).

The two teams had already met in the round robin, where Jackie’s team had come out on top 7-2 after seven ends.

Lockhart opened the final trying to keep the house pretty clean, however a miss with third player Cannon’s first stone gave McLaren the chance to draw a second into the house. Cannon was able to remove one with her second stone, McLaren responded by drawing another in. Jackie Lockhart hit and rolled with her first, finishing as second shot, Jane McLaren’s second draw was a bit heavy, but forced Jackie to hit and roll in with her last stone, taking a one in the first end. A draw that didn’t quite come off for McLaren bumped up the opposition stones, and Jackie drew in. McLaren clipped the one Jackie had just placed, then a mistake with her last caused McLaren to give up a three.

There were lots of stones in play in the third, after her last stone Jackie was sitting three, forcing Jane to draw for one. In the fourth end Lockhart played an impressive double to sit three with her first stone, Jane came back to take out the shot stone and roll over close to the two opposition stones, but there wasn’t enough roll to stop Lockhart, who was able to hit and stick for three, giving Team Lockhart a 7-1 lead at the halfway point.

Facing four counting opposition stones in the fifth, Jane played a draw with her last, but connected with her front stones, tapping one up to take Jackie down to a three. The sixth end saw fewer stones in play than previous ends, Lockhart played a nice hit and roll with her first to lie shot, McLaren replied with a draw, but it was heavy and went through the back. Jackie played a stone to stop Jane trying the same again and sat top four, leaving Jane to hit and roll to count one. Handshakes were offered with the final score 10-2. Team Lockhart are Scottish Curling Senior Champions two years running!

Christine said: “We are delighted to win the championship again - we started slowly having to dig deep to win our first game and then hit a run of form.

“We are now looking forward to the World’s in Canada to have the opportunity to defend our World title.”