The ghost in Glasgow

Braveheart's Graham on the right
Braveheart's Graham on the right

On Friday night team Bravehearts travelled up to Glasgow so the popular Graeme “The Ghost” Service could take part at the Noble Art Boxing Show.

“The Ghost” is starting to get on a winning streak and he was looking to continue it in this contest.

Graeme was up against home favourite Anthony O’Neil. As the first round started Graeme took control using fast straight shots to open up a gab on the points total. He threw a vicious right hook to the body that hurt O’Neil and at the end of the first round Graeme was clearly in control.

In the second round, the two boxers started trading punches and the crowd responded with cheers for the home favourite. But Bravehearts Coach Wullie Martin told his boxer too start picking up the work rate and to take the centre of the ring to control the fight. ”The Ghost” duly executed these instructions to great effect. Using his right jab to control his opponent and crunching left straights to head and body, the points rattled up for the Braveheart boxer.

At the end, the judges gave a majority decision in favour of “The Ghost”. Graeme fights again in two weeks at the Ardrossan Boxing Show where hopes to continue his winning steak and keep improving.