Table Tennis festival

Last Thursday saw the first ever regional secondary Inter school Table Tennis competition in Dumfries and Galloway which saw nine schools being represented in seven different categories.

The level of performance across the board was brilliant and the level of enthusiasm was incredible. Local Councillors attended the event and commented on the politeness, sportsmanship and fantastic level of performance shown across the board by all. The elite section in particular was a spectacle, given everyone the chance to watch some of the country’s best Table Tennis players in action.

Over the day seven categories were competed for in their respective titles.

Under 18 Boys

Winner - Scot Rieves (Castle Douglas High School)

Runner Up - Aiden Tait (Castle Douglas High School)

Under 15 Boys

Winner - Alex Sherman (Lockerbie Academy)

Runner Up - Mitchell Cowie (St Joseph’s College)

Under 13 Boys

Winner - Neil Gillon (St Joseph’s College)

Runner Up - Aaron Thomas (St Joseph’s College)

Under 18 Girls

Winner - Nicole Wright from (Castle Douglas)

Runner Up - Georgia Powers (Castle Douglas)

Under 15 Girls

Winner - Justine Grainger (Castle Douglas)

Runner Up - Joanne Hiddleston (Dumfries Academy)

Under 13 Girls

Winner - Alyssia Thornburn (Dumfries Academy)

Runner Up - Hannah Stewart (Dumfries Academy)

An extra category was created for this tournament for those Elite Table Tennis players who play within Dumfries and Galloway secondary schools and also on a national circuit so as competition between all was kept fair. The performers were given handicaps before the event based on their national seeding and the winner of this category was Keir Morton from Dumfries Academy, with Johnny Singleton also from Dumfries Academy as runner up. These players along with the rest of the elite team were displaying exceptional levels of performance and sportsmanship and were great examples of what can be achieved in table tennis.

Councillor Tom McAughtrie, Chairman of Community and Customer Services Committee said; “It was fantastic to see so many schools being represented and performing at this level and supporting a regional tournament at a local facility. The standard of play was admirable, and was equally matched by the outstanding sportsmanship displayed by all.”

A thank you and congratulations must be made to the Sports Leaders who played a crucial part in yesterday’s event. Dumfries Academy’s Sports leaders recently completed a table tennis umpiring qualification and as well as umpiring the entire primary school tournament last week, they coordinated fixtures and umpired throughout all of yesterday’s categories.

The level of professionalism and organisation shown by these young adults was fabulous and each and every one of them represented their school in the most positive light possible. A thank you must be given to Dumfries Table Tennis club for allowing us to use the fantastic venue for the event.