Sun sines on GallowHill Show Day

Gallowhill show
Gallowhill show

GallowHill Riding Centre held its in house show on Sunday 19th July.

This was for the liveries and some of the more experienced pupils and staff. For many of those taking part it was their first taste of a proper competition and it was quite a challenge. Firstly there was a Best Turned Out and In Hand Showing Class. The effort that everyone put into this was truly amazing. The judge for the day was Mrs Wilma McCart and in the turnout part of the class she found it very hard to separate everyone. The In hand section for some people was a little bit more of an effort as some of the horses and ponies didn’t think much of trotting up and down. There were two classes and the winners of these in the end were Marie Horsell and her partner Lana who showed Bliss with a score of 93 and in the other class Tara Burnett and her partner Heather Ferguson with Digger who scored an impressive 98.

The second part of the day was an Arena Event set out over two fields that involved a hill and lots of jumps. Firstly seven show jumps had to be jumped clear and then a round of cross country jumps and some other obstacles had to be negotiated. There were five groups with the jumps set at different heights for each group’s abilities.

Kate Griffiths was the course builder and it was a fair course but with one or two harder bits especially for the more novice riders.

There was a timed section which was the hill but the times were only used if the riders had competitors who all ended up on the same score. Each jump or obstacle was scored out of 10 with points deducted if it was knocked down or refused.

It turned out to be very exciting with the Novice Group and Intermediate group coming down to time as there were three perfect rounds in each of these. The two beginner group’s one adult and one junior both did fantastically well as there were a lot of very nervous riders. The last group of the day were the four most experienced riders although not on very experienced horses. It was a pleasure to watch how well they all rode it and there was some cracking times as galloping downhill didn’t bother these girls.

The day was finished off with a hilarious Horse & Hound which was won by the mega-fast team of Leilani Bartlett and Aztec and Tara Burnett and Rocky (the not so fast Jack Russell) full results of this and showing class at the end.

A massive thank you to all who came and watched, everyone who helped on the day or throughout the week to get ready for it, Michelle Bartlett for doing the catering, Claire Calcutt for timing and everyone else for helping make the day.

GallowHill Riding Centre is contactable on 07796382736.


Arena Event:

Adult Beginner section – 1st: Arlene McKie & Rosie – 190, 2nd: Stephanie Baillie & Clover – 188, 3rd: Marie Horsell & Bliss – 187

Junior Beginner Section – 1st: Jamie Baillie & Ben, 188, 2nd: Aimi Hughes & Ginger - 187

Novice Section – 1st: Abbie Ribbens & Toby – 190 – 40.1secs, 2nd: Christopher Baillie & Clover – 190 – 47secs, 3rd: Lana & Bliss – 190 – 51.7secs

Intermediate Section – 1st: Lucy Jobson & Bliss – 190 – 26.8secs, 2nd: Bryony McCaw & Ernie – 190 – 28.7secs, 3rd: Beth Jobson & Aztec – 190 – 39.7secs,

Open Section – 1st: Bryony McCaw & Rosie – 187, 2nd: Leilani Bartlett & Aztec – 186, 3rd: Alison Yellowlees & Ross – 182, 4th.


Showing Classes:

Group 1: 1st: Marie Horsell & Lana – Bliss – 93, 2nd: Stephanie & Christopher Baillie – Clover – 90, 3rd: Clair Hinds & Aimi Hughes – Steven – 83

Group 2: 1st: Tara Burnett & Heather Ferguson – Digger – 98, 2nd – Arlene McKie & Beth Jobson – Rosie – 91, 3rd: Susan Ribbens & Leilani Bartlett – Aztec – 87

Horse and Hound:

1st: Leilani Bartlett & Tara Burnett – Aztec & Rocky – 1.31secs, Abbie Ribbens & Tara Burnett – Toby & Bracken – 1.49secs, 3rd: Laura McKie & Kevin Smithers – Ernie & Lola – 1.59secs.