Sun shines on driving club

Megan Dickinson-Hood
Megan Dickinson-Hood
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Lady Davina Stair, chairwoman, presented the rosettes and the Cairnpat Trophy for the BDS Championship at Wigtownshire Driving Club’s annual show at Wigtown Showground on Sunday.

Robert Robertson from Ayr came down to act as judge, and the weather, so different from last year, remained sunny and bright. The club was pleased to welcome three entrants from outwith the area, and was equally pleased to welcome three junior whips driving Mr and Mrs McKendrick’s super little Shetland ponies. A very enjoyable day was had by all.

Results were as follows.

In-hand: 1. Pat Gillan/Tommy, 2. Megan Dickinson-Hood/Leo, 3. Sue Mattison/Hurstwood Frisby, 4. Anne Robinson/Booboo, 5. Aine Vance/Felix, 6. Leigh Vance/Greg

Private Driving: 1. Kim Pearson/JD’s El Dorado, 2. Caroline Watson/Llanarth Tango, 3. Jean Clarkson/Glencrutten Geraldo.

Exercise Vehicle: 1. Pat Gillan/Tommy, 2. Carol MacAllister/Burchwallis Magic Moment, 3. Sue Mattison/Hurstwood Frisby, 4. Megan Dickinson-Hood/ Felix & Greg, 5. Janette Watson/Dollar, 6.= Anne Robin/Booboo and Aine Vance/.Leo

Show Champion: Kim Pearson/JD’s El Dorado. Reserve: Caroline Watson/Llanarth Tango

Concourse d’Elegance: Caroline Watson/Llanarth Tango.

Junior Whip: 1. Megan Dickinson-Hood/Felix & Greg, 2. Leigh Vance/Leo, 3. Aine Vance/Booboo.

Style & Performance: 1. Sue Mattison/Hurstwood Frisby, 2. Janette Watson/Dollar, 3. Jean Clarkson/Glencrutten Geraldo, 4. Caroline Watson/Llanarth Tango, 5. Kim Pearson/JD’s El Dorado, 6.= Pat Gillan/Tommy & Megan Dickinson-Hood/ Felix & Greg.

Shetlands: 1. Megan Dickinson-Hood/Felix & Greg, 2. Leigh Vance/Leo.

Pleasure Driving: 1. Janette Watson/Dollar, 2. Pat Gillan/Tommy, 3. Megan Dickinson-Hood/Felix & Greg, 4. Sue Mattison/Hurstwood Frisby, 5. Leigh Vance/Leo. 6.= Anne Robinson/Booboo & Aine Vance/Leo.

Champion: Caroline Watson/Llanarth Tango. Reserve: Sue Mattison/Hurstwood Frisby