Sun shines on charity event

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On a very hot and sunny July day, Stranraer and District Riding Club held their showjumping points day at Castlefields along with a Marie Curie Cancer Care Blooming Great Tea Party.

With tea, coffee, juice, cakes, fudge, strawberry tarts and lots of lovely home baking, alongside a tombola and some extra classes for this worthwhile cause, a sum of £163.00 was raised by the club members.

The classes were well supported too with five Juniors and three Seniors in the first class of the day. The winners were Rhona Baillie on Queenie just a second faster then Kirsty Fisher on Leo in the Juniors, and George Coburn on Captain who flew round to take the senior section.

In the 60cm Pre-beginner pony class, Katie McNeil on Roxie collected their first Red rosette after a lovely double clear round and the huge smile on her face certainly made my day. In the Pre Beginner horse class, George Coburn took his 2nd Red rosette on Captain with another lovely double clear round in nearly exactly the same time as his previous class.

In the beginner Pony class sponsored by J Patterson farrier, first place went to Saskia Brown on Rocky who were the only double clear and a very respectable time. The senior section sponsored by WBS Signs had only one clear round so the Red rosette went to Yvonne Miller and Dollar who made their first visit to the new riding club venue.

We took a short break from the normal running of classes to hold a “Chase me Charlie” class for our charity, Marie Curie, and 10 combinations came forward to compete in this class where the aim is to to keep putting the jump up and each time if you jump clear you get to try a higher height until you are the only one clear.

It was a very well challenged class: the jump started at 60cms, going up 5cms at a time, and with everyone still in at 90cms the tension was growing! but as the jump went up the pole started to fall and after the 95 height only four remained. Two more fell at 1m and Rachael Baillie and Kerrin McGrane battled it out until 110cms but unluckilyy for Rachael, Connie tapped the pole and it came down leaving Kerrin who had to jump clear to win, but it was all too much for her mum who had gone to hide in the car by this point. But Kerrin kept her cool and Ollie did exactly what she wanted and cleared the 110cm jump to win the Chase me Charlie class and she was delighted.

Normal classes resumed at 80cms for the Novice Pony class sponsored by Academy vets with first place going to Becky McKinstry on Fern with a fast time of 40secs. In the Novice horse class sponsored by Mr and Mrs A Torrance, Yvonne Miller collected her 2nd Red rosette making her outing a very successful one.

The Small Intermediate pony class sponsored by NFU followed. With the jumps now sitting at 90cm all competitors jumped double clear rounds but Rachael Baillie on Connie were the fastest by two seconds to take first place just ahead of Charlotte McDowall. Next class was the Small Intermediate Horse class sponsored by Montpellier Accountants which was won by Leah Kelly on Ritchie who had a lovely double clear round in 38.87secs.

In the Intermediate Pony class sponsored by Williamson and Henry Rachael, Baillie on Connie collected their 2nd Red of the day and she also went on to win the Small Open Pony class on Connie, so a great day all round for them.

The Small Open Horse class was won by Sarah McIntyre on Charmer just ahead of Andrew Drummond on Echo. She also collected the first place in the Large Open Horse class where the jumps were at 110cm just ahead of Andrew again. The competition was great all day and so was the weather and with Daniel taking some great pictures we’ll be able to remember how nice it was. A huge thanks to everyone who helped in any way on Sunday and the next club event is on Sunday, July 14, at Castlefields for dressage followed on July 20 by a showjumping day.

If anyone is interested in joining the club please look up our website


Starter Stakes – Juniors

1. Rhona Baillie and Queenie, 2. Kirsty Fisher and Leo, 3. Katie McNeil and Roxie, 4th Heather Bowden and Trigger, 5th Amy McNeil and Sunny.

Starter Stakes – Seniors

1. George Coburn and Captain, 2. Andrea Fitton and Sundance.  Non League – 1. Pauline Park and Bliss.

Pre Beginner Pony

1. Katie McNeill and Roxy, 2. Kirsty Fisher and Leo, 3. Heather Bowden and Trigger, 4th Amy McNeil and Sunny, 5th Becky McKinstry and Jace, 6th Charlie Currie and Larista.

Pre Beginner Horse

1. George Coburn and Captain, 2. Rachel Hesford and Murphy, 3. Andrea Fitton and Sundance, 4th Yvonne Coburn and William.  Non League – 1. Pauline Park and Bliss.

Top Score – 1. Heather Bowden and Trigger.

John Paterson, Farrier – Beginner Pony

1. Saskia Brown and Rocky, 2. Becky McKinstry and Fern, 3. Abbey Kelly and Archie, 4th Carolyn Fisher and Apache.

WBS Signs Beginner Horse

1. Yvonne Miller and Dollar, 2. Rachel Hesford and Murphy, 3. Yvonne Coburn and William, 4th Heather Scott and Sky.

Academy Vet Centre Novice Pony

1. Becky McKinstry and Fern, 2. Kerrin McGrane and Ollie, 3. Saskia Brown and Rocky, 4th Isla Forsyth and Louby, 5th Abbey Kelly and Archie, 6th Carolyn Fisher and Apache.

Mr and Mrs A Torrance Novice Horse

1. Yvonne Miller and Dollar 2. Maureen Rice and Loopina, 3. Andrea Fitton and Blue Shadow, 4th Heather Scott and Sky, 5th Iona Brooke and Doris, 6th Heather Scott and Holly.

Chase Me Charlie

1. Kerrin McGrane and Ollie (1.05m), 2. Rachael Baillie and Connie, 3. Isla Forsyth and Louby, 4th Yvonne Miller and Dollar.

NFU Mutual Small Intermediate Pony

1. Rachael Baillie and Connie, 2. Charlotte McDowall and Miami Bubblegum, 3. Kerrin McGrane and Ollie.

Montpelier Small Intermediate Horse

1. Leah Kelly and Ritchie, 2. Alexander Dalrymple and Bolero, 3. Andrea Fitton and Blue Shadow, 4th Heather Scott and Holly.

Williamson and Henry Intermediate Pony

1. Rachael Baillie and Connie, 2. Charlotte McDowall and Miami Bubblegum.

Food 2 Go Small Open Pony

1. Rachael Baillie and Connie.

Small Open Horse

1. Sarah McIntyre and Charmer, 2. Andrew Drummond and Echo, 3. Kerrin Forsyth and Rose Gold, 4th Alexander Dalrymple and Bolero.

Large Open

1. Sarah McIntyre and Charmer, 2. Andrew Drummond and Echo, 3. Kerrin Forsyth and Rose Gold.