Sun shines on Calgow Equestrian dressage


A beautiful sunny day brought more people to ride and spectate at Calgow Dressage event at the weekend. Some new riders also swelled the number of competitors. We were delighted to have Lady Jane Forbes to judge the event. Kelly McCreadie kept the commentary going and Annette Sommerville handled the entries. Thank you to all who turned out to compete and to all who helped out on the day.

Best turned our lead rein pony and rider prize, donated by Jane Smedley, went to Jack McIlwraith and Danny. Best turned out pony and rider went to Charlotte Service on Tally and best turned out horse and rider to Jean Tidswell and Star Gift. Gillian Crosbie of Glad Nags donated those prizes.



The next dressage event is on Sunday, April 22, Details of times and tests can be found on the website


Intro B Class Lead Rein Pony

1, Finn McMiken and Danny; 2, Jack McIlwraith and Danny; Ellie Jamieson and Bubbles.

Intro B Class Pony

1, Charlotte Service and Munch; 2, Charlotte Service and Tally; 3, Tara Burnett and Earnie.

Intro B Class Horse

1, Kate Soriani and Tara; Julia Worral and Arthur; Paige Ferry and Robbie; 4, Sandra Lawrenson and Cally.

Prelim 1 Class Pony

1 =, Caitlin Jolly and Looney Tunes / Caitlin Jolly and Ace of Spades.

Prelim 1 Class Horse

1, Chris Jamieson and Mini Cruise; 2, Jean Tidswell and Star Gift.