Summer camp fun for Galloway pony club members

Little & Large.  12.2hh ponies Perdy with Ella Wallace and Leo with Kirsty Fisher.  16.2hh Lyric and Heather Bowden
Little & Large. 12.2hh ponies Perdy with Ella Wallace and Leo with Kirsty Fisher. 16.2hh Lyric and Heather Bowden

Galloway Branch of the Pony Club held their annual camp at Terally Equestrian Centre from 6th – 10th July this year.

22 members came for the full five-day experience with horses and ponies of all sizes and another four members joined in for the shorter two-day camp.

The weather was showery but didn’t stop them having lots of fun and learning lots. Instructors Arlene McNabney, Ruth McGarry, Amanda Holdsworth and Kara Torrance put them through their paces at flatwork, show jumping, XC and games with members grouped into rides according to ability.

Camp is co-ordinated by DC, Wendy Miller-Smith, and is manned by parents over the 5 days who do catering, sleeping over, washing dishes, helping instructors and generally supporting campers with their stay. Camp food is provided by families and the standard this year was, again, exceptional – home-made soup, traybakes and cakes kept energy levels up and tummies full.

Four troops named after venues used by the club, Calgow, Carty, Terally and Barstobrick, competed for points over the course of camp so tack was spotless as were ponies and their stables. Other activities included a craft challenge, a dismounted presentation on a given discipline as well as a ridden display at the finale.

On Sunday morning families and friends converged on Terally to watch ridden displays by the four troops, these included a musical ride, games and a polocrosse demonstration.

These were judged by past members Katie Marr, Morag MacDonald, Gemma McCornick and Kerrin Forsyth.


McClymont Cup – Best Turned Out at Camp, Isla Forsyth; Craig Darroch Cup – Citizenship at Camp, Georgie Barr; Bargaly Cup – Most Improved Rider (Blue Ride) Cara Sloan; Whiteleys Cup – Most Improved Rider (Red Ride) Quinn Jolly; Airlies Cup – Most Improved Rider (Green Ride) Joanne Wallace; Cliff McCulloch Cup – Most Improved Rider (Purple Ride) Erin Thompson; Ardwell Main Cup – Most Improved Pony, Princess (Hannah Torbet); Arrol Cup – Bravery Award, Heather Bowden; Kirkmaiden Hunter Trials Cup – Best Pony Club Pony, Molly (Jessica Hannay) Craigenholly Inter-Troop Cup; Barstobrick Troop – Carolyn Fisher, Becky Dalrymple, Joanne Wallace, Rachel Ramsay, Hannah Torbet & Georgie Barr

Calgow Equestrian Show Jumping

Results - July 5

Class 1 - X-Poles

X-poles lead rein - 1, Rhianna Dorrans and Bubbles; 2, Kasie Jones and Snoopy; 3, Molly Bodle and Earnie

X-poles - 1, Cammi McLean and Lewis; 2, Keera McClymont and Strawberry; 3, Lorna Cannon and Apple Crumble

Class 2 - 40-45cm

Juniors- 1, , Rowen Allison and Salame; 2, Maddison Lochrie and Sunny; 3, Kaura McCrindle and Lucy

Seniors - 1, Raymond Keenan and Datsie

Class 3 - 50-60cm

Juniors - 1, Jodie Stewart and Blaze; 2, Atlanta Hill and Beau; 3, Tammy Campbell and Bobby

Seniors - 1, Darcie Spencer and Macy; 2, Raymond Keenan and Datsie

Class 4 - 65-75cm

Juniors - 1, , Atlanta Hill and Beau; 2, Tammy Campbell and Blue; Jodie Stewart and Blaze

Seniors - 1, Andrea Fitton and Blue; Darcy Spencer and Macy

Class 5 - 75-85cm

Juniors - 1, Jade Stewart and Holly; 2, Carla Campbell and Brady; 3, Jodie Stewart and Blaze

Seniors - 1, Lorna Wilson and Sylvana; 2, Leona Wallace and Trudy

Class 6 - 85-95cm

Juniors - 1, Carla Campbell and Brandy; 2, Caitlin Jolly and Finn; 3, Isla Campbell and Maginty

Seniors - 1, Charlotte McDowall and Bubblegum; 2, Bryony McCaw and Flynn; 3, Lorna Wilson and Sylvana

Class 7 - 95+cm

Juniors - 1, Caitlin Jolly and Finn; 2, Isla Campbell and Maginty

Seniors - 1, Leah Forsyth and Shy; 2. Emma Dunne and Bandit; 3, Leah Forsyth and Wish