Successful first summer show at Terally

Vicki Harris & Mr Harrison winners of Class 5 (Hunter Horse) and Showing Supreme Champion
Vicki Harris & Mr Harrison winners of Class 5 (Hunter Horse) and Showing Supreme Champion
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Terally Equestrian Centre held their first ever Summer Show recently.

Luckily the weather was on their side and competitors as well as spectators enjoyed the glorious sunshine. There was over 60 entries throughout the day. There was a lot of organisation needed in the lead up to the event but it all paid off and the show was a great success!

There was two rings running in the morning both starting at 10am.

Classes 1-8 were held in Ring 1 in the indoor arena. Liz McLaughlin judged these ridden classes with Kay McClymont stewarding. These classes included; Best turned out pony/horse, Ridden pony/horse, Hunter horse, Mountain & Moorland Ridden, Veteran Ridden and Coloured Ridden.

Classes 8-15 were held in the outdoor arena this time judged by local judge Sue Clarke and stewarded by Ricky Graham. These classes included; Lead rein pony, Mountain & Moorland In-hand, Veteran In-hand, Coloured In-hand, Shetland Ridden/In-hand and Young Handlers 10 years an younger and finally Young Handlers 11-16 years old.

All winners of classes 1-15 were put forward to the Showing Championship judges by both showing judges (Liz McLaughlin and Sue Clarke). The Champion was won by Vicki Harris & Mr Harrison and Reserve Champion Zoe McConnell & Nikki.

Finally the Working Hunter competition took place in the afternoon and was judged in the outdoor grass jumping paddock. There was various classes from 45cm to 1m classes split into horses and ponies. Three judges were required to judge this competition; Christine Graham, Bryce and Jane Dalrymple. The judging was split into a Jumping Phase as well as a Conformation and Individual Show.

Course builder Kara Torrance kept the pressure on the competitors by changing the look of the jumps after every height change. The course jumped well for most and provided plenty of variety including gates, straw bales, tyres, great shrubs and plenty of greenery!

All winners of classes 16a-20b were put forward to the Working Hunter Championship and Heather Vance & Topper were crowned Champion with Charlie Currie & Larista taking Reserve Working Hunter Champion. With such a great turnout for their first show there will definitely be another one next year!


Class 1 (Best Turned out Horse)

1st-Ellie Torrance & Silver Match

2nd-Steffanie Singleton & Mr Pie

3rd-Morven Bell & Beajolais Pride

Class 2 (Best Turned out Pony)

Over 14hh

1st-Charlie Currie & Larista

2nd-Katie Torrance & Sydserff Lorna

3rd-Rebekah Hughes & Cosmic Aztec

Under 14hh

1st-Jack McConnell & Nikki

2nd-Zoe McConnell & Tigger

3rd-Georgie Barr & Fudge

4th-Emma Drummond & Pixie

Class 3 (Ridden Pony)

1st-Charlie Currie & Larista

2nd-Georgie Barr & Fudge

3rd-Tara Burnett & Digger

Class 4 (Riding Horse)

1st- Julie McKnight & Cruz

2nd-Fiona Jamieson & Hannah

3rd-Morven Bell & Beajolais Pride

Class 5 (Hunter Horse)

1st-Vicki Harris & Mr Harrison

2nd-Anne McNie & Squire

3rd-Julie McKinght & Cruz

4th-Nadine Scott & Echo

Class 6 (Mountain & Moorland Ridden)

1st=Ellie Torrance & Silver Match

1st=Kimberly Quinn & Harvey

Class 7 (Veteran Ridden 17 years +)

1st-Emma Drummond & Pixie

2nd-Maureen Rice & Time For Bed

Class 8 (Coloured Ridden)

1st-Steffanie Singleton & Mr Pie

2nd-Caitlin McKie & Dapper

3rd-Maureen Rice & Time For Bed

Class 9 (Lead Rein Pony)

1st-Zoe McConnell & Nikki

2nd-Emma Drummond & Pixie

3rd-Sara McConnell & Tigger

Class 10 (Mountain & Moorland In-hand)

1st-Kimberly Quinn & Harvey

2nd-Ellie Torrance & Silver Match

3rd-Lorna Hannah & Owls End Kylie

Class 11 (Veteran In-hand)

1st-Katie Torrance & Casino Royale

2nd-Fiona Graham & Derskelpins Lass

3rd-Georgie Barr & Pixie

Class 12 (Coloured In-hand)

1st-Abbie McKie & Barney

2nd-Steffanie Singleton & Mr Pie

3rd-Lynne Brooke & Just Poppy

Class 13 (Shetland Ridden/In-hand)

1st-Jack McConnell & Petra

2nd-Georgie Barr & Pixie

Class 14 (Young Handlers 10 years and under)

1st-Zoe McConnell & Tigger

2nd-Kimberly Quinn & Harvey

3rd-Jack McConnell & Nikki

Class 15 (Young Handlers 11-16 years)

1st-Katie Torrance & Casino Royale

2nd-Hannah Torbet & Iona

3rd-Abbie McKie & Barney

Class 16a (WH 45cm Pony)

1st-Tara Burnett & Digger

Class 16b (WH 45cm Horse)

1st-Fiona Jamieson & Hannah

Class 17a (WH 65cm Pony)

1st-Charlie Currie & Larista

2nd-Izzy Miller-Smith & Chilli Pepper

3rd-Rebekah Hughes & Cosmic Aztec

Class 17b (WH 65cm Horse)

1st-Caitlin McKie & Dapper

2nd-Morven Bell & Beajolais Pride

3rd-Fiona Jamieson & Hannah

Class 18a (WH 75cm Pony)

1st-Charlie Currie & Larista

2nd-Izzy Miller-Smith & Chilli Pepper

3rd-Zoe Wilson & Busker

Class 18b (WH 75cm Horse)

1st-Anne McNie & Squire

2nd-Ellie Torrance & Silver Match

3rd-Morven Bell & Beajolais Pride

Class 19a (WH 85cm Pony)

1st-Beth McDonald & Miami Moonbeam

2nd-Kerren McGrane & Ollie

Class 19b (WH 85cm Horse)

1st-Heather Vance & Topper

2nd-Ellie Torrance & Silver Match

3rd-Alisdair Scott & Sky

Class 20a (WH 1m Pony)

1st-Beth McDonald & Miami Moonbeam

2nd-Kerren McGrane & Ollie

Class 20b (WH 1m Horse)

1st-Heather Vance & Topper

2nd-Vicki Harris & Mr Harrison

3rd-Jennifer-Anne McWilliam & Oscar