Stranraer urge fans to behave

STRANRAER Football Club has issued an open letter to fans urging them to behave during games.

The letter, published on their website this week, says the club felt the need to address fans following an incident after the recent home league match against Queen’s Park where it was reported that visiting supporters of all ages were taunted, viciously verbally assaulted and challenged to fight while making their way to their transport in the parking area behind the old stand.

The letter states: “We would urge all Stranraer fans that such incidents sully the name not only of the club but that of the town. Extra stewarding is now being sought not only for inside the stadium perimeter but for positioning out with the stadium post matches until this area is cleared.

“We realise incidents such as this are rare at Stair Park but once is once too often and Stranraer Football Club will not tolerate racist, sectarian, sexual or bigoted harassment or other discriminatory behaviour, whether physical or verbal, and will work to ensure that such behaviour is met with appropriate action in whatever context it occurs.

“In the aftermath of the incident, banning orders from Stair Park on two Stranraer supporters have been issued and any further such incidents will be dealt with in a similar manner with protagonists reported to the police.

“We urge all fair and decent minded Stranraer supporters to treat visiting supporters to the town with the same dignity and respect that they would expect on their travels and support the club in its efforts to eradicate such behaviour, by reporting such to any steward or committee member safe in the knowledge that action will be taken expediently and without recrimination.”