Stranraer Show show jumping results

Carla Campbell on Brady winner of the Open pony class being presented with the Silver Salver donated by R.Jamieson  Garrochtree by S.McIntyre.
Carla Campbell on Brady winner of the Open pony class being presented with the Silver Salver donated by R.Jamieson Garrochtree by S.McIntyre.

On what turned out to be a dry sunny afternoon at Stranraer Show last Wednesday, the show jumping course was erected by the Bridgebank team of helpers, ready for the afternoon’s jumping and the ground conditions were good.

The Lead rein class started us off and it was strongly supported, the competition was fierce and the runners had to cover the ground as fast as they could. Munro McConnell, who is familiar with the London Road turf as he has played rugby there many a time, led his son Jack to victory in 55.28secs.

Rhona Baillie on her wee pony, Fern won the 65cm pony class and the 75cm pony class with two excellent rounds and with Fern twisting her way round the jump off course she also achieved the fastest jump-off time of the day. In the 65cm horse section Fiona Jamieson on her young horse “Hannah” took first place and in the 75cm horse class Charlotte McDowall on “Armani” took home a red rosette.

The competition got more serious as the course heights went up and in the 85cm pony class 11 combinations fought it out for the top spot and it was the turn of Emma McCornick on Hugh Patterson’s “Miami Bobby” who jumped a lovely round only beating Sophie Everett on Lady by one second. Kerrin Forsyth was the fastest double clear in the horse section of the 85cm class and she took first place just ahead of Charlotte McDowall on “Armani”.

The course started to have some problem fences for the riders as the height went up to 95cms and many had some down in the first round. The planks always cause problems for the riders and both uprights coming out of the corners also came tumbling on a lot of occasions. This class has a lovely Silver Salver which was donated to the club by R Jamieson and it was won by Carla Campbell on her speedy wee pony ”Brady”.

The Open horse class was won by Beth McDonald riding another of Hugh Patterson’s horses, “Miami Hulabaloo” less than a second ahead of Arlene McNabney on Dancing Cavalier.

Beth went onto take the 105cm Open class on” Miami Moonbeam” showing a lovely style of jumping and control ,combined with speed and accuracy . Well done to all the riders who took part.


LEAD REIN- 1.J.McConnell on Nicky, 2. R.McCornick on Ollie, 3. Z.Ramsey on Coco, 4.K.Marshall on Beth.

BEGINNER PONY 65cm- 1. R.Baillie on Fern, 2.C.Sloan on Honey bee, 3=.C.McClorey on Fizz & I.Campbell on McGinty.

BEGINNER HORSE- 1. F.Jamieson on Hannah, 2. B.Brigg on Rockstar.

NOVICE PONY 75cm -1.R.Baillie on Fern, 2.Z.Wilson on Busker, 3.S.Brown on Rocky,4.I.Campell on McGinty,5.C.McClorey on Fizz,6.B.McKinstry on Jace.

NOVICE HORSE -1.C McDowall on Armani,2.B.Brigg on Rockstar,3.J.A.McWilliam on Windsor.

INTERMEDIATE PONY 85cm – 1.E.McCornick on Miami Bobby, 2.S.Everett on Lady,3.S.Brown on Rocky,4.B.McKinstry on Jace,5.Z.Wilson on Busker,6.I.Forsyth on Seaton.

INTERMEDIATE HORSE-1.K.Forsyth on Danny, 2.C.McDowall on Armani,3.JA McWilliam on Oscar,4.JA McWilliam on Windsor,5.H.Rodgers on Jeff,6.H.Vance on Topper.

OPEN PONY 95cm-1.C.Campbell on Brady.2.B.McDonald on Miami Moonbeam,3.I.Forsyth on Looby,4.C.Jolly on Finn,5.S.Everett on Lady,6.I.Forsyth on Seaton.

OPEN HORSE -1.B.McDonald onMiami Hulabaloo,2.A.McNabney on Dancing Cavalier,3.A.McNabney on Earl of Eagan,4.L.Wallace on Saffy,5.H.Vance on Topper,6.A.Hall on Miami Pandamonium.

OPEN 105cm -1. B.McDoald on Miami Moonbeam,2.A.McNabney on Earl of Eagan,3.A.Hall on Miami Pandamonium,4.I.Campbell on Murphy,5.B.McDoald on Miami Hulabaloo,6.A.McNabney on Dancing Cavalier.