Stranraer and District Riding Club

Stranraer and District Riding Club kicked off the start of their 2013 season at Terally Equestrian centre Port Logan by kind permission of the Torrance Family, with their first show jumping league day.

The club are in the process of moving to a new site at Castle Kennedy but have a few things to complete before it will be ready for use.

It started off quite wet first thing in the morning but we held a few clear rounds to get competitors warmed up inside but the rain soon went off and classes began on time.

Susannah Service was led by Olivia Cochran in the lead rein class and was delighted to get a red rosette for her and Timmy. In the Starter Stakes pony class 5 combinations came forward but they weren’t all behaving as it would be the first time out after the winter for some of them but Rhona Baillie on Queenie had obviously been practicing over the winter months as they got their first Red rosette of the season. Two combinations came forward in the horse section of this class with Gillian Slavin narrowly beating Morven Bell by 3 seconds. Pauline Park also jumped this height in the Open Section.

As the classes got bigger so did the jumps and in the Pre Beginner Pony class at 60cms First place went to Saskia Brown on Rocky who flew round in a very good time of 26.55secs just ahead of Heather Bowden on Trigger. In the horse section it was Morven Bell’s turn to take first place on Widget in a time of 28.88secs.

As the jumps went up to 70cms it was Becky McKinstry on Fern who showed everyone how to do it in a really good time of 26.81secs, Becky has been keeping her pony out and about regularly during the winter months. In the horses it was a very happy Caitlin McKie who won on Abbey in 21.56secs which she will be delighted about as she has been concentrating on her other horse over the winter.

The 80cm pony class is sponsored by Academy Vets and was won in style by Jodie Mann on Lizzie who popped round the jump off in 22.87secs. The horse section sponsored by the Torrance Family was won by Olivia Cochran on Maureen Rice’s Zebedee who had a blast in the jump off in a time of 18.71secs.

Only one combination did the NFU Mutual Small Intermediate pony class and it was Rachael Baillie on Connie who is very experienced at this height. In the 90cm horse class Jill Kirkpatrick on Angela Dalrymple’s Solway Secret had the only double clear in a good time of 21.75secs.

The 1m pony class is sponsored by Williamson and Henry and Rachael Baillie collected her second red rosette on Connie in a slightly faster time than her previous class and Olivia Cochran collected her second one also in the horse section but this time on her own horse, Lola.

Carolyn Fisher on Lewis had a lovely double clear in the 1.05m pony class in a time of 21.3secs, narrowly beating Anna Ramsey who did it in 22.33secs. Anna and her sister travelled up from Garlieston with their Grandad.

It was great to see such large numbers coming forward to jump the higher classes of the day and in the small open horse Olivia Cochran on Lola once again made some amazing turns in the jump off to take first place, putting Kerrin Forsyth on Rose gold into 2nd place by 0.01sec!

The last class of the day is a 1.10m class and is open to horses and ponies and with only double clear it was Anna Ramsey on Lexy who were foot perfect in a time of 28secs.

It was really good to see so many people coming out at the beginning of the season and hopefully this will continue when we get started properly at our new venue. Thank you to everyone who helped on the day in any way as it all ran very smoothly.The club are balding Les Smith training this weekend and dates of our summer calendar are available on our website

Report by Sarah McIntyre


Lead Rein-1. S.Service on Timmy.

Starter Stakes-Ponies.1.R.Baillie on Queenie,2.H.Bowden on Tigger,3.K.McNeil on Roxy,4.I.Campbell on Henry.

Horses-1.G.Slavin on Macey,2.M.Bell on Widget

Open section-!.P.Park on Bliss.

Pre-Beginner Pony-1.S.Brown on Rocky,2.H.Bowden on Trigger,3.R.Baillie on Queenie,4.C.Campbell on Brady,5.C.McClorey on Fizz.

Horses-1.M.Bell on Widget,2.G.Wilson on Reenee,3.J.McKnight on Cruz,4.A.Keith on Barney,

Open section-1.P.Park on Bliss.

Beginner Pony-1.B.McKinstry on Fern,2.J.Mann on Lizzie,3.C.Campbell on Brady,4.C.McClorey on Fizz,5.S.Brown on Rocky.

Horses-1.C.McKie on Abbey,2.R.Baillie on Doris,3.G.Wilson on Reenee,4.A.Keith on Barney,5.J,McKnight on Cruz,6.V.Harris on Skippy.

Novice Pony(Academy Vets)-1.J.Mann on Lizzie,2.B.McKinstry on Fern.

Horses(Toarrance Family)-1.O.Cochran on Zebedee,2.I.Brooke on Doris,3.S.Panter on Baxter,4.V.Harris on Skippy,5.L.Jones on Alfie,6.K.Torrance on Punch.

Small Intermediate POny-(NFU Mutual)1.R.Baillie on Connie.

Horses-1.J.Kirkpatrick on Solway Secret,2.K.Torrance on Punch,3.AS.Dalrymple on Bolero,4.S.Panter on Baxter.

Intermediate pony (Williamson and Henry)-1.R.baillie on Connie,2.A.Ramsey on Lexy.

Horses-1.O.Cochran on Lola,2.K.Forsyth on Rosegold,3.J.Kirkpatrick on Solway Secret,4.S.Panter on Bacardi,5.S.McIntyre on Charmer,6.L.Kelly on Ritchie.

Small OPen Pony-1.C.Fisher on Lewis,2.A.Ramsey on Lexy.

Horses-1.O.Cochrane on Lola,2.K.Forsyth on Rosegold,3.S.McIntyre on Charmer,4.L.Kelly on Ritchie,5.S.Panter on Bacardi,6.T.Carnegie on Wonka.

Large OPEN-1.A.Ramsey on Lexy,2.C.Fisher on Lewis,3.O.Cochran on Lola,4.L.Kelly on Ritchie,5.T.Carnegie on Wonka,6.S.Panter on Bacardi.