Sirens making a noise in rugby circles

The Stewartry Sirens could be league champions this weekend
The Stewartry Sirens could be league champions this weekend

The Stewartry Sirens women’s rugby team have success within their grasp this weekend, as they have earned the chance to mark their impressive progress with a league title.

A victory over Grangemouth on Sunday is all that remains in the way of the ladies’ rugby club, and a very comfortable win for the Sirens in an earlier fixture between the teams suggests that it is reasonable to be optimistic. Excellent performances this year may conceal the fact that they are in just their second proper season, and even then have changed considerably since their formation.

It began with a meeting in late 2010 between a small group who had seen an advert about the possibility of forming the club, and then spread by word of mouth. Training started soon after that, with the ladies’ first target set as proving themselves in the National Development League.

Following success there, they moved up to the National League, where they finished third in their first season.

Success this year sees them going into the decisive weekend sitting top, with the recent inclusion of leading try scorer Hannah Sloan and Chloe Johnstone in a training weekend with Scotland under-20s testifying to some great performances.

The current team contains only two players who were at the original meeting. A constant has been the inclusion of players who have had no previous experience with women’s rugby, which does not seem to have been a great hindrance.

One of those with the Sirens from the beginning is captain Sammy Durnan, who explained that the change in members was partly because it is “harder for a small area”. They are continuing to attract players despite this, which she feels “shows how good a sport it is”, also highlighting the social benefits of taking part in the activity. Their current form suggests they are building on previous success.

Sammy said: “A lot of players are committing a lot more. Sometimes it’s hard to get to training, and they’re doing their own fitness.”

If the Stewartry side manage to win the title, their minds will have to turn quickly from celebrations to a play-off which includes teams from the league above.

Those wishing to join the team are welcome regardless of their experience level, and can find out more information on the Stewartry Sirens Facebook page or by calling Petrina Sidebottom on 07775 854544.