Showjumping at Calgow and Stranraer

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Stranraer & District Riding Club enjoyed lovely weather for the showjumping competition held on 7th August.

There was a great turnout of regular and new competitors vying for rosettes. Thank you to everyone who helped set up on the Saturday and all who assisted on the day.

The next event is the Combined Training on Sunday 21st August – riders can enter showjumping classes only, dressage only, or both. The schedule is on the website at The Charity Horse Show is on Sunday 4th September.

Let Loose sponsored by Stranraer Happy Hooves RDA – Juniors

1st= Charlotte Gaw and Henry and Phoebe Gaw and Molly; 3rd Jack McConnell and Nikki; 4th Lorna Cannon and Apple Crumble.

Starter Stakes Pony sponsored by Digital 26

1st Heather Bowden and Boo; 2nd Hannah Torbet and Princess; 3rd Laura Donnan and Ginger Spice; 4th Charlotte Gaw and Henry; 5th Jack McConnell and Nikki; 6th Lorna Cannon and Apple Crumble.

Starter Stakes Horse

1st Leonnie Laing and Malky; 2nd Leonnie Laing and Starlight; 3rd Alisdair Scott and Boris; 4th Jen Graham and Kilcat Emperor.

Pre Beginner Pony sponsored by Torbet Plant Hire

1st Zoe Ramsay and Peanuts; 2nd Leonnie Laing and Laddie; 3rd Jenni Brooke and Tink; 4th HannahTorbet and Princess; 5th Laura Donnan and Ginger Spice; 6th Heather Bowden and Boo.

Pre Beginner Horse sponsored by NFU Mutual

1st Joyce Lafferty and Beechwood Silver Boo; 2nd Maureen Rice and Painted Playboy; 3rd Leonnie Laing and Starlight; 4th Heather Scott and Oliver; 5th Alisdair Scott and Boris; 6th Claire Simpson and Rio.

Beginner Pony sponsored by Montpelier Professional

1st Zoe Ramsay and Peanuts; 2nd Jenni Brooke and Tink; 3rd Heather Bowden and Boo.

Beginner Horse sponsored by WBS Signs

1st Sheila McConnell and Anna; 2nd Ellis Ramsay and Queenie; 3rd= Maureen Rice and Painted Playboy and Claire Simpson and Rio; 5th Leonnie Laing and Malky; 6th Heather Scott and Oliver.

Novice Pony sponsored by Academy Vet Centre

1st Zoe Wilson and Busker.

Novice Horse sponsored by Terally Equestrian Centre

1st Ellis Ramsay and Queenie; 2nd Ricky Whorlow and Monty; 3rd Sheila McConnell and Anna.

Small Intermediate Pony sponsored by John Paterson Farrier

1st Rhona Baillie and Connie; 2nd Charlotte Service and Foley.

Small Intermediate Horse sponsored by Daniel Makinson Photography

1st Rachael Baillie and Miami George; 2nd Debs Millington and April; 3rd Ricky Whorlow and Monty; 4th Harry Rodgers and Twingo.

Intermediate Pony sponsored by Murray Farmcare

1st Charlotte Service and Foley.

Intermediate Horse sponsored by BMK Plumbing and Heating

1st Leona Wallace and Trudy; 2nd Bryony McCaw and Flin; 3rd Harry Rodgers and Twingo; 4th Rachael Baillie and Miami George; 5th Debs Millington and April.

Small Open Horse sponsored by The Hansen Company

1st Harry Rodgers and Twingo; 2nd Bryony McCaw and Flin.

Calgow Equestrian Show Jumping got underway at the outdoor area on Tuesday night with a great turn out of horses and riders competing under ideal conditions.


Class 1 - X-Poles

Juniors - lead rein - 1, Lexie Parker and Dice; 2, Molly Lewis and Earnie; 3, Charlie Hill and Oh-Oh

non-lead rein- 1, Keera McClymont and Shortcake; 2, Lorna Cannon and Apple Crumble; 3, Megan McIlwraith and Tinkerbell

Seniors - 1. Louise Kerr and Tara

Class 2 - 40-45cm

Juniors- 1, Madison Lochrie and Sunny; 2, Georgie Barr and Monty; 3, Rowen Allison and Salame

Class 3 - 50-60cm

Juniors - 1, Atlanta Hill and Beau; 2, Jodie Stewart and Blaze; 3, Georgie Barr and Monty

Seniors - 1, Lyndsay Williams and Fizz

Class 4 - 65-75cm

Juniors - 1, Jodie Stewart and Blaze; Georgie Barr and Monty; 3, Tammy Campbell and Blue

Seniors - 1, Andrea Fitton and Blue; 2, Lyndsay McCourtney and Ace

Class 5 - 75-85cm

Juniors - 1, Jade Stewart and Holly; 2, Jodie Stewart and Blaze

Class 6 - 85-95cm

Juniors - 1, Izzie Miller-Smith and Emma-Lea; 2, Jade Stewart and Holly

Seniors - 1, Charlotte McDowall and Bubblegum

Class 7 - 95+cm

Juniors - 1, Izzie Miller-Smith and Emma-Lea

Seniors - 1, Charlotte McDowall and Bublegum