Scotland make semi-finals at European curling

Le Gruy�re European Curling Championships 2015 - Scotland'Photo credit - WCF / Richard Gray
Le Gruy�re European Curling Championships 2015 - Scotland'Photo credit - WCF / Richard Gray

Scotland’s women curlers are getting their ‘A’ game going as the pay-off stages loom at the European Curling championships in Esbjerg, Denmark.

Last night they tossed Estonia aside 10-1 in six ends and this morning beat the current world champions from Switzerland 7-5.

That win gave them a 6 wins and two loss record, guaranteeing them a place in the semi-finals.

The Scots opened with a score of three and then stole a single in the second end when Estonia’s skip Maile Moelder was short with her final draw. In the third end, Moelder hit out one Scottish stone but could not touch another, to give the Scots another single-shot steal for a 5-0 lead.

Estonia did get on the scoreboard with one shot in the fourth end and then Eve Muirhead blanked the fifth end. When the teams came out after the break, the Scots piled stone after stone into the house in the sixth, and eventually Muirhead drew her final stone of the sixth end into the house to score five, at which point Estonia conceded

Against Switzerland, Team Muirhead were in trouble after the first two ends, when they were 0-3 down following a single steal in the first end and a further steal of two shots for Switzerland in the second end. However, the Scots then turned the tide, scoring three in the fourth end and then stealing two in the fourth and one more in the fifth for a 6-3 half-time lead.

After that, it was a question of containment in the second half for the Scots. Switzerland blanked the sixth end and then the teams swapped singles for the next three ends. Switzerland conceded before the tenth end was completed.

This win, and results elsewhere, as well as previous results among the qualified teams, guarantees that Scotland will finish at least third in the rankings, with the other qualified teams being current leaders Russia and Denmark, who had their second loss in this session, against Finland, who are currently in fourth place.

After the game, Muirhead said: ”I’m pleased with that. We actually had a good first end and then in the second end, we weren’t far away from getting a big end. It was a tough shot but we knew if we just stuck together and played well and put them under pressure we would come back at them, and that’s exactly what we did.”

The Scots conclude their round-robin programme against Norway this evening.