Scotland juniors top the table at world championships

Bobby Lammie in action'Photo credit - WCF / Richard Gray
Bobby Lammie in action'Photo credit - WCF / Richard Gray

Bruce Mouat’s men, including bobby Lammie and Gregor Cannon, completed a successful day yesterday with a 10-3 win over Korea, a result that, along with their 9-2 morning six-end win over Sweden, keeps them in joint top spot alongside USA at the world junior curling championships in Copenhagen.

The Scots were never troubled in this game, opening with two shots in the first end and stealing one more in the second when Korea’s skip Yu Jin Seong wrecked with his last effort. Korea got on the score board with a single shot in the third but the Scots responded with a further two shots in the fourth end. This pattern was repeated in the fifth and sixth ends, with Korea scoring one in the fifth and the Scots moving further ahead with two shots in the sixth, although Mouat may feel he should have scored three in the sixth as he just nudged a Korean stone rather than take it out completely.

He did go on to score three in the eighth end with a well-judged draw and this was enough to persuade Korea to concede, at 10-3 to Scotland.

Afterwards, a pleased Mouat said, “it’s been a really good day, the guys have played really well, so we’re happy. We’re just going to try to keep the same routine – stay relaxed and come out shooting for the next two days. It feels pretty good. I was getting some really good shots from the guys and they were setting me up for twos, so it was good.”

The Scottish men now face Russia in their only game today as they strive to keep pace with the USA, with Canada and Switzerland just behind on one more win than the leading two teams.


MEN Session 6: Denmark 1, Canada 6; Norway 6, Switzerland 3; Korea 3, Scotland 10; Russia 3, USA 5; Sweden 7, Turkey 2.

Standings after 6 sessions: Scotland, USA won 5, lost 1; Canada, Switzerland 4-2; Norway, Russia, Sweden 3-3; Turkey 2-4; Denmark 1-5; Korea 0-6.