Rhins rink lifts County Cup

County Cup winners from Stoneykirk CC - Lyn Brown, Naomi Brown, Norman Brown Jnr, Anne Robertson from Agrovista Ltd (presenting) andNorman Brown Snr.
County Cup winners from Stoneykirk CC - Lyn Brown, Naomi Brown, Norman Brown Jnr, Anne Robertson from Agrovista Ltd (presenting) andNorman Brown Snr.
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County Cup

The County Cup, sponsored by Agrovista Ltd, was won by the Rhins O’ Galloway Province last week at Stranraer Ice Rink and the trophy was lifted by the Stoneykirk family rink of Norman Brown, Naomi Brown, Lyn Brown and Norman Brown Senior.

The annual turn of the year competition was competed for last Wednesday and Thursday between rinks from the Rhins and Galloway Provinces.

After two sessions on the first day the Rhins side had a comfortable 23-shot lead after winnning five of the six games played. On the second day they extended that with four more wins out of the seven games. The Rhins side were the comfortable winners by a total of 37 shots.

When all the calculations were done the highest up club on the winning side were Stoneykirk and the highest up rink on the losing side were the Kirkmabreck rink of Kerr Fisher, John Wilson, Iain Jamieson and Iain McFadzean, 14 shots up.

The prizewinners all received butchers vouchers.

At the presentation of prizes Galloway Province president Andrew McConchie paid tribute to Galloway Province Honorary President R T Cannon, who died on December 22. Andrew said it was only fitting to remember Robert and recognise his enormous contribution to curling in the area, not least through his 40 years as the secretary of the Galloway Province.

He then introduced Anne Robertson, office manager of sponsors Agrovista Ltd, who kindly presented the trophy and vouchers to the winners and vouchers to the highest up on the losong side.

To finish the formalites, Rhins president Donald McColm gave a general vote of thanks.


Wednesday, January 2, 12.20: P Soriani, Glasserton 8 D Smith, Loch Connel 6; R Adams, Wigtown 7 J McWilliam, Portpatrick 7; M Potter, Penninghame 4 R Stevenson, Leswalt 10.

2.40pm: G Milroy, Penninghame 6 P Wilson, Castle Kennedy 8; J Maxwell, Glasserton 6 A Jamieson, Loch Connel 7; D Wilson, Kirkmabreck 1 D Gladstone 16.

Thursday, January 3, 12.20: I Fisher, Kirkmabreck, 10 K Adams, Portpatrick 7; C Cannon, Wigtown 5 N Fyfe, Leswalt 8; G Adams, Kirkcowan 1 A Hannah, Stoneykirk 12.

2.40p: L Kerr, Glasserton 4 D McColm, Logan, 9; K Fisher, Kirkmabreck 14 R Stewart, Logan 2; A McClymont, Minnigaff 10 HC Aitken, Limekiln 8; R Inger, Wigtown 2 NR Brown, Stoneykirk 14.

Shots: Galloway Province 78 Rhins O’ Gallowa’ 115


Rhins – Stoneykirk CC. NR Brown, NC Brown, L Brown, JN Brown.

Galloway – K Fisher, J Wilson, I Jamieson, I McFadzean. Kirkmabreck CC.

Junior Bonspiel

BOBBIE Lammie and his rink won the second junior bonspiel at Stranraer Ice Rink at the end of last year.

This competition, again kindly sponsored by Bob Grierson, saw eight teams of young curlers playing three games each.

The teams were skipped by Bobby Lammie, William McQuillan, Rhory Hendry, Euan Kyle, Frazer Shaw, Kara Compton, Neil Topping and Brendan Todd. After two games, four teams, those of Bobby Lammie, Rhory Hendry, Frazer Shaw and Neil Topping, were unbeaten and therefore played off in the final game to define the winners.

Neil Topping had the better of Frazer Shaw by virtue of scoring a three-shot win on end four of their game. This gave the Topping rink a margin of five shots going into the fifth and final end at six shots to one. Frazer and his team could only pull back one shot in the last end, leaving the Topping rink winners. In the other deciding game both teams, Bobby Lammie’s and Rhory Hendry’s, were pealing on two shots each prior to the final end. Rhory held the hammer in this end but Bobby was able to steal a two-shot win to take the points. Both the Bobby Lammie and Neil Topping teams were undefeated and had six points each, but Bobby’s rink won the competition with 11 ends won over Neil’s nine.

Stranraer Ice Rink Curling Club president Hugh Parker thanked Bob Grierson for again sponsoring the competition and praised the young curlers. Maureen Parker, acting on behalf of her father, Bob Grierson, handed the valuable monetary prizes to the winning rink of Bobby Lammie and runners-up Neil Topping and his team. Bobby and Neil both thanked their teams and the sponsor.

Winners: Bobby Lammie (skip); Cameron Jess (third); Harry Glasgow (second); Tamzin McGuire (lead).

Runners-up: Neil Topping (skip); Ben Moore (skip); Cameron Stevenson (second); Katie McMillan (lead).

Roy Trophy

The final of the Roy Trophy, sponsored by Frazer Hare, Funeral Director, Stranraer, was between rinks skipped by Hugh Aitken Snr and Bill Scott recently at Stranraer Ice Rink.

Ten teams played a round-robin league in two sections of five with the top two in each section qualifying for the semi-finals. Bill Scott’s rink had an excellent game against John Wilson’s team in one semi to record a convincing win. Hugh Aitken’s rink had had a much closer game to defeat Robert Cannon and his rink.

In the final, the Aitken team got off to a tremendous start recording a steal of three shots in the second end after taking a one at the first. Bill was able to take two shots back at the third end to make the score four shots to two to the Aitken team. At the fourth end Hugh took a one shot win, but the Aitken team were firing on all cylinders and scored a four-shot steal on end five to clinch it, as, at this point, the Scott rink conceded, Hugh Aitken’s rink winning 9-2.

At the presentation, Hugh Parker, Stranraer Ice Rink Curling Club president, thanked Frazer Hare for his valuable sponsorship once again of this competition and presented prizes of kitchen sets and wine to the winners and the trophy to Hugh Aitken and his rink. Bill Scott’s runners-up also received prizes of wine and wine glasses. Both Hugh Aitken and Bill Scott spoke to thank sponsor Frazer Hare and their teams. Hugh Aitken called a vote of thanks for president Hugh Parker.

Teams in the Final:

Winners: Hugh Aitken (skip); Willie Yuille (third); Ron Miller (second); Bill Gilmour (lead).

Runners-up: Bill Scott (skip); Robert Smith (third); Nigel Baynes (second); Moira Yuille (lead).