Rhins retains County Cup

The County Cup, sponsored by Agrovista Ltd., was won by the curlers from the Rhins O’ Gallowa’ Province earlier this week at Stranraer Ice Rink, beating their Galloway Province opponents 99 shots to 79 shots.

After four sessions of play, two on Monday and two on Tuesday, the shots were tallied up and the winning rink on the winning side were, for the second year running, from Leswalt CC, being 12 shots up. On the losing province side, the prizes went to a rink from Wigtown CC, who were 10 shots up.

After the first day, the scores were very close with the Rhins on 37 and the Galloway Province on 34. After the first session on Tuesday it crept closer with just three shots between the two sides. But the Rhins’ curlers pulled clear in the last session to retain the trophy, which is the traditional New Year opening bonspiel at Stranraer.

Rhins O’ Gallowa’ President Donald McColm oversaw the presentation of prizes and asked Anne Robertson, from sponsors Agrovista Ltd, to present the trophy and butchers vouchers to John Agnew, on behalf of the winning rink from Leswalt - Bobbie Lammie, Euan Kyle, John Agnew and Stuart Kyle. Anne then handed over butchers vouchers to Wigtown CC President Christne Cannon, who accepted them on behalf of the highest-up rink on the losing side - Stuart Cannon, John Cannon, Gregor Cannon and Ross Inger.

The President of the Galloway Province, Jim Cannon, gave a general vote of thanks mentioning Donald McColm for doing the donkey work at the close of play, the two province secretaries Janette Sloan and Louise Kerr for organising the competition, Gail Munro the ice rink manager for the quality of the curling ice and finally to the sponsors Agrovista Ltd for their continued sponsorship of the County Cup.


Monday, January 5:

12.20pm - A McClymont, Minnigaff 3 B Lammie, Leswalt 15; I Fisher, Kirkmabreck 8 H C Aitken, Limekiln Loch 4; A Paton, Penninghame 7 K Adams, Portpatrick 6.

2.40pm - S Cannon, Wigtown 12 D Gladstone, Castle Kennedy 2; G Penrose, Glasserton SCR I McIntyre, Loch Connel WO; R Adams, Wigtown 4 D Hair, Stoneykirk 10.

Tuesday, January 6:

12.20pm - P Soriani, Glasserton 7 H Nibloe, Castle Kennedy 7; W Scott, Penninghame 4 J Sloan, Loch Connel 8; D Wilson, Kirkmabreck 8 R Stewart, Logan 4.

2.40pm - J Maxwell, Glasserton 10 R Stevenson, Leswalt 8; C Cannon, Wigtown 5 T Harrison, Leswalt 11; G Adams, Kirkcowan 5 D McColm, Logan 15; K Fisher, Kirkmabreck 5 N Brown, Stoneykirk 9.

Shots - Rhins Province 99 Galloway Province 79.


Rhins - Bobbie Lammie, Euan Kyle, John Agnew, Stuart Kyle (Leswalt CC).

Galloway - Stuart Cannon, John Cannon, Gregor Cannon, Ross Inger (Wigtown CC).