Rhins retain County Cup

County Cup winners from Leswalt CC - Bobbie Lammie, Callum Lammie, Euan Kyle, Stewart Kyle with Pete Richardson from Agrovista Ltd presenting.
County Cup winners from Leswalt CC - Bobbie Lammie, Callum Lammie, Euan Kyle, Stewart Kyle with Pete Richardson from Agrovista Ltd presenting.

The County cup. sponsored by Agrovista Ltd., was won by the Rhins O’ Gallowa’ Province in a close encounter with the Galloway Province last week at Stranraer Ice Rink.

At the end of two days play, a total of 14 games, there was only a differnce of nine shots between the two provinces.

The annual turn of the year competition took place last Thursday and Friday and proved to be the perfect hangover cure for the regions curlers!

On day one the Rhins rinks scored twice as many shots as their oppostion after the first session but ended the second session five shots down overall after three wins from the Galloway Province side. Day two dawned and the first session saw the shots advantage swing back towards the Rhins after three wins took them six shots up at 78 shots to 72. Battle lines were drawn for the last session and with two wins for each province the secretaries had to get their artimetic right! In the end the Rhins had pulled away for a nine shot win with the final score being Rhins 107 Galloway Province 98.

The highest-up club in the winning province was Leswalt CC and the highest-up rink in that club was Bobbie Lammie, Callum Lammie, Euan Kyle and Stewart Kyle who were 15 shots up. In the losing province the highest-up rink came from Wigtown CC with John Cannon, Jak Kane, Stuart Davidson and Kirsty Wilson winning by 17 shots.

At the presentation of prizes, Galloway Province President Jim Cannon congratulated the winning province and introduced Pete Richardson for sponsors Agrovista Ltd, who kindly presented the trophy and butchers vouchers to the winners Bobbie Lammie and his rink and presented butchers vouchers to the highest-up rink in the losing province.

To finsh the formalities, Rhins President Donald McColm thanked Jim for being master of ceremonies, thanked the sponsors for their valuable support of the competition and finally, the two secretaries, Janette Sloan and Louise Kerr, for their organisational skills.


Thursday, January 2:

12.20pm - D Gladstone, Castle Kennedy 9 R Adams, Wigtown 3; B Lammie, Leswalt 17 G Adams, Kirkcowan 2; D Smith, Loch Connel 8 K Fisher, Kirkmabreck 4; R Stewart, Logan 4 J Maxwell, Glasserton 10.

2.40pm - E Dalrymple, Castle Kennedy 5 D Paton, Penninghame 7; H C Aitken, Limekiln Loch 3 J Cannon, Wigtown 20; I Stevenson, Portpatrick 4 D Wilson, Kirkmabreck 11.

Friday, January 3:

12.20pm - A Jamieson, Loch Connel 10 M Potter, Penninghame 8; K Adams, Portpatrick 6 C Muir, Minnigaff 4; L Brown, Stoneykirk 12 H Smith, Glasserton 3.

2.40pm - S Cronnie, Castle Kennedy 4 L Kerr, Glasserton 6; D McColm, Logan 7 G Milroy, Penninghame 11; N Fyfe, Leswalt 10 I Fisher, Kirkmabreck 5; D Hair, Stoneykirk 8 C Cannon, Wigtown 4.

Shots - Rhins o’ Gallowa’ Province 107 Galloway Province 98.


Rhins - Leswalt CC - Bobbie Lammie, Callum Lammie, Euan Kyle, Stewart Kyle.

Galloway - Wigtown CC - John Cannon, Jak Kane, Stuart Davidson, Kirsty Wilson.