Rhins last gasp County Cup victory

The curlers from the Rhins O' Gallowa Province staged a spirited last session fight back to retain the County Cup, sponsored by AgroVista Ltd, against their Galloway Province opponents at Stranraer Ice Rink earlier this week.

Wednesday, 4th January 2017, 1:57 pm
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 1:22 pm
County Cup winners John Gilmore and Linda Shaw from Logan with sponsor Jan Vos from AgroVista Ltd

The Rhins finished the two-day competition 14 shots ahead with the final score Rhins Province 102 shots - Galloway Province 88. The highest up Rhins rink, 10 shots up, was skipped by John Gilmore from Logan Curling Club and the highest up Galloway Province rink, 14 shots up, was skipped by Gregor Cannon from Wigtown Curling Club.

The first session on the Monday started well for the Galloway curlers who ended up 17 shots up. After a further three games in the second session they were still ahead by 14 shots.

The third session took place at lunchtime on Tuesday and that involved two rinks from each Province. The Rhins took both games, but the Galloway Province were still clinging on to a diminishing lead, with their advantage reduced to nine shots. The last session on the Tuesday afternoon turned the tide in the Rhins favour with their players winning three out of the four games with a shed-load of shots bumping their score up to 102, against their rivals 88.

At the presentations afterwards, Galloway Province President Drew Paton introduced the day’s special guest, Jan Vos, representing the sponsors Afro Vista. Drew said it was Jan’s first visit to the ice rink since taking over the business and he asked him to present the County Cup and prizes of butcher’s vouchers to John Gilmore and Linda Shaw from the winning Logan rink. Mr Vos then presented the John Smith Salver to Gregor Cannon from Wigtown.

John Gilmore thanked the sponsors, and his team for playing so well. He said it was good to win the cup in the same year that Logan were celebrating their 150th anniversary. Gregor Cannon them spoke, congratulating the winning province, his own team and adding that he looked forward to the rematch next year.

Rhins O’ Gallowa’ Province President Norman Brown gave the vote of thanks, thanking in particular the sponsors AgroVista Ltd, saying he was delighted that Mr Vos had confirmed that they would continue to sponsor the competition next year. He thanked all the players who took part, a total of 104 curlers, and finally to the two province secretaries, Janette Sloan and Louise Kerr, who organise the competition and do the maths afterwards.


1st session - H Nibloe, Castle Kennedy 10 G Milroy, Penninghame 2; S Adams, Loch Connel 2 I Fisher, Kirkmabreck 13; HC Aitken, Limekiln Loch 9 T Bell, Glasserton 9; K Adams, Portpatrick 1 G Cannon, Wigtown 15.

2nd session - A Jamieson, Loch Connel 6 A McClymont, Minnigaff 8 ; H McMillan, Castle Kennedy 9 S Cannon, Wigtown 7; R Stevenson, Leswalt 6 D Wison, Kirkmabreck 3.

3rd session - GB Park, Limkiln Loch 7 J Maxwell, Glasserton 4; NR Brown, Stoneykirk 9 R Inger, Wigtown 7.

4th session - T Harrison, Leswalt 6 G Adams, Kirkcowan 7; H Kirkpatrick, Stoneykirk 11 K Fisher, Kirkmabeck 5; D McColm, Logan 12 D Paton, Penninghame 4; J Gilmore, Logan 14 P Soriani, Glasserton 4.

Rhins 102 shots - Galloway 88 shots.

Highest up rink in winning province - John Gilmore, Sarah Sloan, Linda Shaw, Angela Sloan. Logan CC.

Highest up rink in losing province - Gregor Cannon, Jim Cannon, Christine Cannon, Jenni Cannon. Wigtown CC.