Rainbow swimmers win trophy at gala

The Merrick Centre’s Rainbow Swimming Scheme members came up trumps last week by winning the Team Sportmanship Trophy at Dumfries and Galloway Council’s swimming gala.

This annual event was held in Sanquhar and sees participants of the Rainbow Swimming Scheme from across the region come together to compete in a friendly and enjoyable environment.

A total of 70 swimmers, the majority of which were experiencing swimming competition for the first time, gave their all and were a credit to each of the swimming pool facilities they were representing.

This year each of the facility teams competed for two team trophies.

Winners of the overall Top Team for the second year running were hosts The FUN Pool, Sanquhar who were presented with the “Sam Leask Memorial Trophy”.

Sam learnt to swim in the Rainbow Swimming Lesson programme and progressed to the highest Gold award before suddenly becoming ill in 2012.

Sam sadly passed away only three months later in Yorkhill Children’s Hospital.

Sam’s family were present at the Gala and were delighted that the event, in Sam’s memory, was so keenly competed in a wonderful spirit by so many young swimmers from across Dumfries and Galloway.

The Merrick Leisure Centre came out on top to win the “Team Sportsmanship Trophy” presented to the team who showed the greatest amount of enthusiasm and effort but who did so in the spirit of fair play and respect for their fellow swimmers, coaches and officials. This trophy was presented in the memory of Brian Wilgos who was the region’s first Swimming Development Officer.