Railway Inn Darts League

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Division 1

Week 13 - Jimmy Brawls (20 dart leg) 5 Dave Coe 0.

Week 14 - Alexander Forlow 0 (19 dart leg) James Bodle 5; Dave Coe 2 Mick Strike 5; Lee Boyce 2 (20 dart leg) Jimmy Brawls 5; Paul O’Malley (20 & 21 dart legs) 5 Izzy Lochhead 2; Paul Soriani 2 (14,21 dart legs & 108 co) Jason Boyce 5.

Division 2 - Andrew Broll 5 Alexandria Lochhead 3; Jimmy Lochhead 5 Daniel Gibson 3; Nick Soriani 2 Andrew O’Malley 5; Sammy Hay 5 Mary Lochhead 0.

The game between Colin Bell and Paul Heywood was postponed and will be played this week.


Week 16

Division 1 - Paul O’Malley v Lee Boyce; James Bodle v Mick Strike; Izzy Lochhead v Jason Boyce; Alexander Forlow v Jimmy Brawls; Paul Soriani v Dave Coe.

Division 2 - Sammy Hay v Nick Soriani; Colin Bell v Daniel Gibson; Mary Lochhead v Alexandria Lochhead; Paul Heywood v Andrew O’Malley; Andrew Broll v Jimmy Lochhead.

Saturday, March 5 will see the Baccy Murray trophy to be played in the Railway Inn starting at 7pm. Everybody is reminded that this competition is open and not just for the league players so hopefully we will see a good turnout on the night.