Psycho Chicks take the honours

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The Galloway Netball Club annual tournament was held at Bladnoch Park alongside Newton Stewart RFC’s Rugby 7s on May 19.

There were four local teams, with the winning side of the last two seasons unable to make the trip this year. So the trophy was coming home, but to which team? The line-up for this year was If Carlsberg Did Netball Teams … , TU-TU Much, Schmeems Team and Psycho (Psychedelic) Chicks.

The day was relaxed and had a great atmosphere, the club provided all qualified umpires and had a professional look with an electronic scoreboard/timer manned by Eunice Murray. If Carlsberg Did Netball Teams … once again played awesomely and qualified top of the table and into the final.

Tu-Tu Much was our local Machars team combined with Stewartry Netball Club members. They made a great team, were all very colour co-ordinated and the Tu-Tus looked fabulous. They played some super netball and big thanks to the Stewartry ladies who travelled to play.

Schmeems Team was made up of local ladies from a selection of our summer league teams. We saw some stunning netball shining through. Psycho Chicks were dressed in psychedelic wigs and clothes and played some illuminating netball! They just did enough to secure a spot in the final. The final game between If Carlesberg Did Netball Teams … and Psycho Chicks was 10 minutes each way and, in the first half, there was no telling who would win, with both teams going goal for goal.

The second half was just as intense, with the Psycho Chicks converting a few more goals to pull away and to take the game 13-10. Thanks to Newton Stewart RFC and to all the volunteers .