Potted Sports for Commonwealth Games

Potted sports organisers Ellie and Olivia
Potted sports organisers Ellie and Olivia
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Report by Ellie McClymont and Olivia McKnight P7

Creetown Health Group Chair Person and Secretary

Minnigaff and Creetown Primary Schools Partnership Potted Sports event for the Commonwealth Games.

On Monday, June 9, Minnigaff and Creetown Health Groups organised a Potted Sports event for their schools. Minnigaff organised the P1-3 event which was held at their school and Creetown organised the P4-7 event. Before the event could take place, we had to work very hard planning every single detail.

At the beginning, the Creetown Health Group sent a letter to Minnigaff Health Group asking if they would like to do this event with them. Minnigaff replied saying they would love to and that they would hold the P1-3 event. Both schools started to plan the activities and wrote letters to local shops requesting refreshments. Sainsbury’s was the shop that kindly donated the water so a big thank you to them for supporting our events.

After we had got that out of the way we decided to put everyone into teams and name their teams after a country competing in the Commonwealth Games. We placed 7 or 8 people into a team and the names of the teams were; Wales, Scotland, England, Bermuda, Barbados, Jamaica, Northern Ireland, Grenada, New Zealand, Canada, India and Australia The younger children in the Health Group coloured in flags for each team.

Next we planned where each station was going outside - we had 5 activities on the concrete and 7 activities on the grass. A plan was even drawn to remember where each activity was located. Sadly, on the day, we had to move the activities inside because of the bad weather – it’s a good job we had a Plan B! After deciding to hold it inside, the activities were set out in different places around the school and everything was all set! Now all we had to do was wait for Minnigaff to arrive.

When they arrived we were put into their teams and before the games could begin there were speeches from Ellie and Olivia which was like a big opening ceremony, with the speeches being taken out of the baton. We told them about the different activities and what we were to do at each station. At Creetown the activities were bouncy hoppers, obstacle race, Rugby with Jamie Muir (the rugby development officer), scooter boards, egg and spoon race, tennis ball bounce, netball shoot, back to back twists, target throw, step ups, keepie upppies and shuttle runs. These were really fun and exciting as we tried to beat our targets. Everyone took part very well and were setting targets for themselves which was really good to see. After we had finished 12 activities we had a drink of water (donated by Sainsbury’s) and biscuits kindly cooked by our dinner lady Mrs Hannah. Thank you to Jamie Muir, all of the parent and staff helpers, Sainsbury’s (for the water and the bananas which we all got to take home) and all of the children who participated so well.

This was our first Partnership Event and we hope that there will be many more.