Potted sports at Creetown and Minnigaff

Potted sports 3
Potted sports 3

Creetown and Minnigaff Health Groups joined together to organise Partnership “Potted Sports” events. Minnigaff Health Group organised the P1-3 event which took place at Minnigaff Primary School and Creetown Health Group organised the P4-7 event which took place at Creetown Primary School.

At Creetown, Charis and Fiona, the Chair Person and Secretary of the Health Group, told everyone where they should be and what they should do. The theme of the day for group names and activities was the beach and although it mainly stayed dry, it wasn’t exactly beach weather! Everyone enjoyed all of the themed activities which consisted of the limbo, ice-cream obstacle, surfing, volleyball, blindfolded fishing, parachute games, mini golf, tennis, jigsaw relay and throwing objects into the ‘picnic baskets.’

We all enjoyed break-time when we got our rocket ice lollies. We also enjoyed playing together and having fun on the adventure playground or with the playground toys. We carried on after break and had a great time playing the games and doing the rest of the activities. There were lots of examples of good sportsmanship, co-operation, and challenging ourselves. At the end Charis said thank you and goodbye to everyone. Everyone in P4-7 got a certificate for taking part and for working well together. At the end there were some interesting dance moves to the summer music and the smiles on everyone’s faces showed that a good time was had by all. Thank you to the parents, staff and Ann Ferguson from Active Schools who helped to supervise stations.

Here are some comments from some of the pupils who took part:

“I liked the ice-cream obstacle course the best because it was challenging.” Kyle, P4, Creetown.

“We liked the beach theme. Some of us really enjoyed the surfing which is where we had to sit on the scooter board and get ourselves to the fence and back. Activities like the limbo were hard but good fun. It was interesting to see the other school and play with the children we met last year.” P4, Minnigaff.

“Everyone in the Health Group worked really hard to organise this event. I enjoyed the limbo the best because it was fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it.” Brianna, P5, Creetown.

“The potted sports was awesome. My favourite thing was the limbo”. Naomi, P5 Minnigaff

“It was really exciting to see both schools join together to participate in this great event. I liked organising it and my favourite activity was volleyball because we worked well together as a team.” Caitlyn, P6, Creetown.

“The potted sports was a good opportunity to combine both schools together in the partnership”. Olivia, P6, Minnigaff.

“I liked how everyone from both schools worked together as a team. I enjoyed the limbo best because it was good fun.” Charis, P7, Creetown.

“We thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the limbo”. Jake M, P7, Minnigaff.

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