Penalties prove costly for Blacks

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Garnock 31, Stewartry 18

Stewartry travelled to Ayrshire to take on the leaders in RBS West League Division Two.

The home side started and in the second minute Stewartry were penalised for offside giving Garnock a five-metre lineout. The Blacks managed to spoil Garnock possession and get a scrum which collapsed. In the reset scrum Stewartry took the ball and cleared their lines.

With 10 minutes on the clock D Maxwell went on to replace scrum-half Kerr who was injured. Danny Boyd moved to scrum-half. Garnock went offside on their own 10-metre line and Mosey kick the three points.

Stewartry caught the ball from the restart. Muir made a jinking run through the Garnock forwards. He chipped behind the defenders and went in to score an unconverted try.

In a scrum on halfway, the Blacks gave away a penalty. From this Garnock attacked up the right where Stewartry were penalised again. Dissent took the home side another 10 metres nearer the Stewratry line.

Taking a five-metre lineout, Garnock secured ball and their pack drove over the Blacks’ line for a try and taking the score to 5-8.

With 12 minutes left in the first period, Stewartry were penalised for a deliberate knock-on, giving the home team a five-metre lineout. Garnock secured possession and releasing their backs who notched a converted try.

From a penalty inside home territiory, the ball went to Cammy Fernwick who attacked getting up to the Garnock 22 where they were penalised for not rolling away and Mosey scored another three points taking the half-time score to 12-11.

The home side had a five-metre scrum. The Blacks pack pushed the home forwards back but they managed to pick the ball up. Garnock went left, saw space and were in for another converted try.

The Blacks knocked the ball forward on the home 22, giving Garnock a scrum. Stewartry drove in too early giving Garnock a free kick resulting in a lineout 10 metres from the Blacks’ line.

Taking clean ball, the home pack drove over the Stewratry line for another converted try.

With 15 minutes left McCulloch went on in place of McMinn. From a scrum 18 metres out from the Blacks try line Garnock went offside giving Stewartry a penalty. Taking a quick tap kick the ball went to Muir. Seeing space he got back up to the home 22 and was stopped.

With five minutes remaining Stewartry went for a lineout from the penalty but the home forwards took the ball and put pressure on the Blacks. Their left winger ran onto crash ball at pace to go in for an unconverted try.

Catching the restart ball, Stewartry got back to halfway where it went to Muir. He jinked through the home pack, up the left wing and in for a try which Mosey converted.

With only two subs available, Stewartry did well against the well drilled league leaders. But as has been evident in a number of earlier games this season the Blacks gave away too many penalties. If not for these the game might have gone their way.

Stewartry: J Fingland, S Hogg, J Muir, Danny Boyd, T J McCarney, C Mosey, J Kerr, I McMorran, D Burton, T Cannon, M Smith, K McMinn, H Sainsbury, C Fenwick, I Fenwick (captain), M McCulloch, D Maxwell.