Pat takes horse driving title

Pat Gillan
Pat Gillan
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The South West of Scotland Horse Driving Club held their first driving event of the season at Bladnoch Park by kind permission of Wigtownshire Agricultural Society. H & P Gillan, G & L Paterson, Lloyds, Tarff Valley, Wigtown Co-Op, KW Alternative, Morrisons, Tesco and Murray Farmcare kindly sponsored the event.

The event started with the dressage judged by Debbie Finlay and was followed by the cones and marathon.

In the Novice class, Kirsteen McBride took an early lead after dressage and cones, and maintained this with a good marathon to win the class just ahead of Janette Watson.

The field class was won by Megan Dickenson Hood driving Leo. Ann Robinson was second. The pairs class was won by Mark Carruthers from Appleby in only his third competition. Ian McKendrick driving his Shetland pair took second place. The Open class was very tight but eventual honours went to Pat Gillan from Wigtown, who had the best dressage of the day. Drew Douglas finished second and Zan Kirk third. Zan had the best marathon and cones of the day. Carl Bevan was fourth.

The overall champion was Pat Gillan.

The following prizes were presented

Open: 1. Pat Gillan, 2. Drew Douglas, 3. Zan Kirk, 4. Carl Bevan, 5. John Reid, 6. Daphne Taylor.

Novice: 1. Kisteen McBride, 2. Janette Watson.

Pairs: 1. Mark Carruthers, 2. Ian McKendrick.

Field: 1. Megan Dickenson Hood, 2. Ann Robinson.

Juniors: 1. Leigh Vance, 2. Anna Vance.

Dressage Trophy: Pat Gillan, Marathon Trophy: Zan Kirk, Cones Trophy: Zan Kirk, Overall Champion Trophy: Pat Gillan, highest placed Wigtownshire member: Pat Gillan, Novice Trophy: Kirsteen McBride, lowest dressage Wigtownshire member: Pat Gillan.