Outdoor riding in Galloway

Kay and Storm loook like they are having fun!
Kay and Storm loook like they are having fun!

In March the local out-of-doors riding folks have enjoyed two very enjoyable outings.

Scottish Endurance Riding Club

The first ride was on Sunday 6th March on the Lochinch Estate organised by the Dumfries Branch of Scottish Endurance Riding Club (SERC).

Twenty-four riders enjoyed the snowdrop festival and lovely views of the lochs on the estate, in beautiful spring sunshine, by kind permission of Lord Stair. The ride was only able to run because of the many helpers who gave their time on the day as well as before and after, to mark the course, staff checkpoints and ensure the smooth and safe running of the ride, so that everyone had a good time. Photos were taken by Kris Clay of Top Gear Photos.


Fastest rider in the 25 kms class @ 9.68 kph - Dumfries member R Matthew, was also nearest to the optimum time for this class.

Two riders from Glasgow branch, Al.Addison & F.Love, were worthy winners of the optimum time in the 17kms class @ 9.44kph. J.Howard came home @ 9.27 kph in the same class. C Houston & D Warren completed in 8.98 kph & C Houston won the Lucky bib number. 8.64kph was speed for L Bourne & L Shedden, also Glasgow girls.

Dumfries riders J Crosbie & Liz Foulds clocked in at 8.43 kph; Liz also won Best Presentation in 17kms class.

Tracey Carnegie & the Torrance girls came home at 8.57 kph in 10 kms class. Kara Torrance also won Best Presentation in this class & jointly were nearest optimum time for the 10 km class. F Penney did 8.15 kph in 25kms class .

In the 10 kms class H Bowden & R McGarry completed @ 8.1kph. The following riders completed the course but in less than the minimum time allowed: A&R Roberts 7.79 kph, P Park & Y Coburn 5.94 kph (Yvonne also won early bird prize, for arriving first at the venue!), I Wilson & E Bray 5.88kph, J Jamieson & K Higginson 5.77 kph.

Galloway Trail Riders Group

Later in the month, on Sunday 20th March, another sunny day out! The Trail Riders met near Murray’s Monument near Talnotry and hacked out for various distances in our scenic forest tracks sharing this area with lots of mountain bikers. Those who only wanted a shorter ride did about 7 kms, while for those wanting more, there was a route of about 17kms. Altogether about 11 riders enjoyed this day out; 5 from Wigtownshire, 5 from Stewartry and one Ayrshire lass! A wide range of ages was represented, including some quite senior riders and horses!

To come and join in the fun see the facebook pages for Galloway Trail Riders Group and Scottish Endurance Riding Club (Dumfries Branch). SERC also has a website www.scottishendurance.com and www.sercdumfries.org.uk takes you to the Dumfries branch site.

The members are also holding a free Endurance Riding Information Session at Terally Equestrian Centre, Drummore on Saturday 9th April, details on the SERC Dumfries facebook page or contact Liz Sutton liz@duckhole.net

Between them these two groups cater for all ages and abilities, so with spring and summer on the way, why not get out and about with your horse, meet some new people and see some of the gorgeous riding country that Galloway has to offer!