Turnberry hosts club championships as King Robert makes appearance

The ninth on the new Bruce course.
The ninth on the new Bruce course.

The Turnberry Championships came to a conclusion last weekend which has the qualifiers playing a week of match-play to get to the final.

In the gents section Gordon Boyle beat Billy McCulloch in the final to become Turnberry Club Champion for 2017 whilst Chris Savage beat Roddy Gardner to become the 2nd Class Champion.

In the ladies section Liz Brown beat Elinor Heggie to become Turnberry Ladies Champion for 2017 whilst Jenny Morgan beat Linda Henderson to become Bronze Champion.

Congratulations to the winners and in fact to all who competed as without them there would be no championship.

In the Turnberry Saturday medal S. Allan (6)72 Ailsa course came in to win followed by John Broadfoot (12)70 on the Kintyre Course.

However the talk of the week is that of another first hole in one on the Girvan course this time by Alan Gordon on the 7th hole.

In spite of the many rounds of golf Alan has played it is his first ace and he could not believe it when looking for his ball, a playing partner had to point out that it was in the hole. Alan’s wife Lynda plays even more golf than Alan and she is a particularly fine player but has yet to have a hole in one. So there you are Alan at last you have got one over on your wife.

TALES FROM THE CADDYSHACK; On Wednesday all Turnberry members were invited to the opening of the new ‘King Robert the Bruce’ course and what an occasion it was.

We started in the large ballroom where we had coffee/tea and pastries before Mr Porciani, the general manager of the hotel welcomed everyone and introduced Eric Trump.

Eric told everyone how delighted his family were to be connected with Turnberry and congratulated Martin Ebert and his team for the excellent work they had done over the three courses which started with the small pitch and putt course in front of the hotel. Mr Trump then introduced Martin Ebert who with the help of three large television screens took us round the changes that had been made to both the Ailsa and the new King Robert the Bruce courses.

We were then bussed out onto the course where we climbed up to a seating arrangement in front of the 8th green on the King Robert the Bruce course. There again Mr Trump reiterated his comments on how good the course looked and turned round as the heads of four people appeared up the slope at the back of the green. These four people represented in full regalia King Robert the Bruce, two henchmen and a lady fully armed who looked more ferocious than the men. Behind the group we heard the sound of the Glasgow Police Pipe Band who marched up the hill onto the green. A tape was drawn across the front of the green and with a mighty swipe of his double handed sword the King severed the tape opening the course that was to bear his name. All the green staff were present and were congratulated on all the work they had done to make this one of the finest golf complexes in the world. The ceremonies over all the members were bussed back to the hotel ballroom for a buffet lunch accompanied by the delightful Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra. What a wonderful event this was, well organised, no expense spared and very much appreciated by all. I look forward very much to playing the new King Robert the Bruce course in the very near future and noting all the changes from the previously titled Kintyre course.