Junior open competition held at Wigtown and Bladnoch club

Pictured are most of the boys who took part along with sponsor Robin McHarg.
Pictured are most of the boys who took part along with sponsor Robin McHarg.

Wigtown and Bladnoch Junior Open Golf competition, kindly sponsored by Robin’s Joinery Services, took place on Friday 28th July.

A total of 13 boys took part in the competition, held over 18 holes.

The results are as follows: 1st J Sproat 90 - 29 = 61 (bih); 2nd A Milven 90 - 29 = 61;

3rd F Hare 87 - 21 = 66; Scratch D Hastings 76 -14 = 62

Ladies open - Wallace Rosebowl, Kirkcudbright golf club

Played 29/07/17

Winner- Hilary Austin Kbt 97(28)69

Silver- 1st Lynn Kane Kbt 90(20)70, 2nd Margaret Stryjeski Kbt 86(15)71, 3rd Susan King Kbt 91(19)72, 4th Lynda Robertson dfs/county 84(12)72,

Scratch - Addi Shamash 76(4)72

Bronze- 1st and winner of Memorial Rosebowl Margaret Allan Kbt 98(28)70, 2nd Mary Robertson Kbt 94(24)71, 3rd Annette Beaton Kbt 98(23)75, 4th LColqhoun gatehouse 102(25)77, 5th E Ballard c/d 100(22)78,

2s - L Colquhoun gatehouse and C Dodds Kbt at 6th, C Edward Powfoot at 9th, J Mattison Kbt at 13th

Kirkcudbright Golf Club

Played 01/08/17 Margaret Allan Stableford round one

Winner- Hilary Austin 39pts(27)

Silver-1st Gillian Rowlinson 36pts(20), 2nd Margaret Locke 35pts(10), 3rd Margaret Stryjewski 35(15).

Bronze- 1st Mary Robertson 32pts(24), 2nd Margaret Allan 30pts(27), 3rd Myra Dodds 28pts(33).

The draw for the Wigtownshire Foursomes tournament being held at Wigtown & Bladnoch Golf Club this Saturday the 5th August.

8.30 A McColm & J Gibson (D) S & B Whannal (NS) 8.45 A Wallace & S Braedon (D) R Shaw & S Stables (C)

9.00 A Lowe & S Mitchell (D) J McClymont & K Hughes (NS)

9.15 G Radford & J Brennan (D) D Cluckie & E Marshall

10.00 J Telfer & B Cluckie (W&B) J Bell & B McKeand (StM)

10.15 R McHarg & S Kingston (W&B) S Hughes (jnr) & I Bell (StM)

11.45 J Brodie (jnr) & H Hughes (NS) D McLelland & T Kiltie (StM)

12.00 D Drysdale & T Bark (W&B) S Hughes (snr) & S Walker (StM)

1.00 K Nicholson & N Whyte

1.30 B Hughan & C Kirkpatrick, T Simpson & W Neil (W&B)

1.45 G Banka & J Moore; R & C Fiskin (W&B)

2.00 J Smith & C Bell, D McClymont & A Johnstone (NS)

St Medan Golf Club

Draw for the Wigtownshire Ladies Rosebowl, to be played on Saturday, August 5:

11.30 - J Kirkland and A Joyce; M Duncan and J Duncan

11.40 - H Hamilton and A Smith; E McLellan and S Prentice

11.50 - S Bell and C Strain; N Lammie and W Lyon

12.00 - M McLean and M Campbell; H Smith and E McKillop

12.10 - A Cloy and V Ho; J Hart and J Wright

12.20 - A Graham and D Robinson; P Cawthra and N Best

12.30 - K Ambler and E Lindsay; C Cannon and D Gunby

12.40 - J Edmonds and B Niven; P McGill and S Moore

12.30 - J maitland nad A Blows, M Morton and L McMiken

Late entries very welcome. Phone Linda on 07778564112.

Wigtown & Bladnoch Golf Club

Results of the Briars Engravers Mixed Greensome played on July 29:

1, S Bell & S Kingston 78-11-67; 2, J Camerson & B Porter 81-12-69; 3, S & D McGinn 79-9.8-69.2

Scratch J Hart & J Smith 77.