Galloway Pony Club annual show: report and results

Although the sun forgot to shine in the morning, the spirits of the competitors at the recent Galloway Pony Club Open Show were not dampened by a touch of drizzle.

Saturday, 29th June 2019, 11:46 am
Galloway Pony Club Open Show: Eden McCulloch on Oldlands Last Chance (Reserve Champion); Charlie McNeill (and his children) of Shennanton Sawmill, presenting the Pamela McNeill Trophy; Jan Jardine, Judge; Libby Kay on Griarshill Frederick (Supreme Champion); Tricia Fearn, Judge (Pic by Cameron Anderson Photography).

A super entry of horses and ponies thrilled the judges with their excellent turnout and perfect shows were ridden to highlight much loved ponies’ best bits.

The day started with the best turned out, lead rein best turned out and young handler classes, which were ably judged by former Galloway Pony Club members Kerrin Forsyth and Gemma McCornick.

The championship for this section was awarded to the best turned out lead rein combination of Nieve Armstrong, riding Lacy Oliver and led by mum, Charlotte.

Galloway Pony Club Open Show - Best Turned Out Champion Nieve Armstrong on Lacy Oliver (lead by mum Charlotte Armstrong) Pic by Julia Macdonald

Each show ring was very busy, with some spectacular displays on view for the gathered spectators.

After super classes, the Ring 1 championship was awarded to Eden McCulloch on Oldlands Last Chance, with Chloe McAdam riding Considerate Done in reserve.

The pony championship in Ring 2 was a tough class to call, but after much deliberation Libby Kay on Griarshill Frederick was chosen as Champion, with Emma Drummond riding Lochar Red Admiral standing in reserve.

The horse championship was also well contested, but it was Samantha Cloy on Noble Credit Crunch who was pulled in as Champion in front of Hannah Burns and Haughmond Midnite At Last who were reserve.

Galloway Pony Club Open Show - Eden McCulloch on oldlands last chance (Pic by Julia Macdonald)

A very strong supreme championship gave judges Tricia Fearn and Jan Jardine some debate in order to come to their decision.

In the end, the Supreme Champion accolade of 2019 went to Galloway PC member Libby Kay with her palomino, Griarshill Frederick.

Libby was presented with the Pamela McNeill Trophy by Charlie McNeill from Shennanton Sawmill, son of the late Pamela McNeill who was DC at Galloway PC for many years.

The judges pulled in Eden McCulloch, a member of neighbouring club Stewartry, riding her mum Kelly Telfer’s cob Oldlands Last Chance as reserve.

Galloway Pony Club Open Show - Georgie Barr (L) and Emily Kay (R) Pic by Julia Macdonald

Some of the biggest classes of the day were in the very popular fun dog show. Judge Joyce Lafferty had a tough job separating everyone’s canine best-friends but in the end chose Anna with Rolo as Champion Dog.

The club was delighted by the support shown to the dog show and will be donating £41 to Stranraer Cancer Drop In Centre.

Over in the working hunter ring, a testing course designed and built by Charlotte Armstrong, put everyone through their paces.

After all classes in the Working Hunter horse section had been judged by Louise Maxwell and Cherrie Etherington, the championship was deliberated and saw Eden McCulloch and Oldlands Last Chance being chosen as champion this time.

Galloway Pony Club Open Show - Georgie Barr on Miami Hotshot with judge Louise Maxwell (Pic by Julia Macdonald)

Reserve in this section went to another Galloway member Issy Miller-Smith on Birchgrove Sally.

After their lunch break, the judges were refreshed and ready to watch the ponies over the rustic fences.

First up were the smaller ‘mini’ classes where Erin Jamieson on Kyleston Chasing Dreams was chosen as Mini WH Pony Champion from a strong championship class. Cefyn Kracker ridden by Auryn Kirkpatrick was called in as Reserve.

The final championship of the day saw another two Galloway members in the top spots. Working hunter pony champion went to Georgie Barr, riding Miami Hotshot, with Emily Kay and SBS Scribbler in Reserve.

Overall the day was a huge success and the committee would like to thank competitors, judges, helpers, spectators, sponsors, Newton Stewart RFC ladies for the catering, Wigtown Show for the use of Bladnoch Park and everyone who helped or supported in any way.

Next year’s show will be on Sunday, May 24.

Galloway Pony Club Open Show - Mini WH Champion Erin Jamieson on Kyleston Chasing Dreams (Pic by Julia Macdonald)


Ring 1 Judges – Ms K Forsyth & Ms G McCornick

Class 1: Best Turned Out (Sponsor – The McKinstry Company) - 1st Libby Kay (Griarshill Frederick), 2nd Amy Vance (Grahanstown Canal Boy), 3rd Anna Graham (Linguine), 4th Maria Christie (Mishka), 5th Katie MacDonald (Maddie), 6th= Hallie Hay (Ben), 6th= Sara Davies (Broughs Lucky Thirteen).

Class 2: Lead Rein Best Turned Out, rider 7 years and under (Sponsor – McMillan Bain & Company) - 1st Nieve Armstrong (Lacy Oliver) 2nd Kayla Robertson (Hilin Murmur)

Class 3: Young Handler, 14 years and under (Sponsor – Agrovista UK Ltd) - 1st Lucy Robinson (Kippers Diesel), 2nd Hallie Hay (Ben), 3rd Anna Graham (Linguine).

Class 4: Championship From Classes 1-3 (Sponsor – Agrovista Uk Ltd) - Champion Nieve Armstrong (Lacy Oliver), Reserve Libby Kay (Griarshill Frederick)

Ring 1: Judge – Jan Jardine

Class 5: Family Pony/Horse, rider any age. (Sponsor – B D Energy Consulting Ltd) - 1st Maria Christie (Mishka), 2nd Katie MacDonald (Maddie), 3rd Evie Galloway (Arthen Awel Mai), 4th Emilymae Cousins (Benjamin Flying Kite).

Class 6: Veteran Horse/Pony, any height, in hand or ridden, rider any age, Horse/Pony 18 years and over (Sponsor – B D Energy Consulting Ltd) - 1st Lucy Robinson (Kippers Diesel).

Class 7: Coloured, Colt, Filly, Mare Or Gelding, to be shown in hand. (Sponsor – Galloway and Macleod) - 1st Hallie Hay (Ben), 2nd Lesley Ferguson (Highland Bride), 3rd Darcie Spencer (Womble)

Class 8: Mountain and Moorland, any age, in-hand. (Sponsor – Montpelier Professional (Galloway) Ltd) - 1st Chloe McAdam (Considerate Done), 2nd Roselyn McIntyre (Island Fury), 3rd Sara Davies (Broughs Dynamo).

Class 9: Coloured, to be shown ridden (Sponsor – James Gordon Ltd) - Ponies: 1st Molly Mccubbin (Tilly), 2nd Katie MacDonald (Maddie). Horses: 1st Eden McCulloch (Oldlands Last Chance), 2nd Emily Galloway (Castlelodge Kaleidoscope), 3rd Darcie Spencer (Womble).

Class 10: Mountain And Moorland, ridden. (Sponsor – Machars Veterinary Services) - 1st Auryn Kirkpatrick (Cefyn Kracker), 2nd Chloe McAdam (Considerate Done), 3rd Libby Kay (Lacy Oliver), 4th Heather Conn (Meikle Stewart).

Class 11: Championship (Sponsor – Montpelier Professional (Galloway) Ltd) - Champion Eden McCulloch (Oldlands Last Chance), Reserve Chloe McAdam (Considerate Done) .

Class 12: Pony Fancy Dress (Sponsor – J & S Montgomery Ltd) - 1st Amelia Galloway (Arthen Awel Mai).

Ring 2: - Judge - Tricia Fearn

Class 13: Hunter Horse. Ridden (Sponsor – Merrick Training) - 1st Samantha Cloy (Noble Credit Crunch), 2nd Liz McTaggart (My Mr Grey), 3rd Phillipa Broadway (Inglistons Viktor), 4th Eden McCulloch (Oldlands Last Chance), 5th Amy Alexander (Knockbaun Douggie), 6th Izzy Miller-Smith (Birchgrove Sally)

Class 14: Riding Horse, ridden. (Sponsor – 3B Construction) - 1st Hannah Burns (Haughmond Midnite At Last), 2nd Izzy Miller-Smith (El Divo), 3rd Lesley Ferguson (Highland Bride), 4th Sophie Everett (Gortgarron Carrick Bell).

Class 15: Hunter Pony exceeding 138cm, not exceeding 148cm, rider any age (Sponsor – Barnaen Farming Company) - 1st Georgie Barr (Miami Hotshot), 2nd Lucy Robinson (Kippers Diesel).

Class 16: Hunter Pony exceeding 128cm, not exceeding 138cm. (Sponsor – Whiteleys Livery) - 1st Libby Kay (Griarshill Frederick).

Class 17: Lead Rein Pony not exceeding 128cm, rider to be 8 Years or under. (Sponsor – NFU Mutual : Murchie & Benson Stranraer Agency) - 1st Lewis Armstrong (Lacy Oliver), 2nd Isla Kirkpatrick (Thistledown Chloe), 3rd Sally Drummond (Alcar Mardi Gras).

Class 18: First Ridden Pony not exceeding 128cm (12.2hh), rider to be 10 years or under. (Sponsor - Ruth Mcgarry BHS Approved Instructor) - 1st Emma Drummond (Lochar Red Admiral), 2nd Cara Jamieson (Cusop Paris).

Class 20: Pony Championship (Sponsor – Creebridge House Hotel) - Champion Libby Kay (Griarshill Frederick), Reserve Emma Drummond (Lochar Red Admiral).

Class 21: Horse Championship (Sponsor – 3B Construction) - Champion Samantha Cloy (Noble Credit Crunch), Reserve Hannah Burns (Haughmond Midnite At Last).

Class 22: Supreme Showing Championship For The Pamela McNeill Trophy (Sponsor – Shennanton Sawmill) - Champion Libby Kay (Griarshill Frederick), Reserve Eden McCulloch (Oldlands Last Chance).

Working Hunters Ring 3: Wh jumping judge - Louise Maxwell. Confirmation Judge – Cherrie Etherington (all classes sponsored by Creebridge Veterinary Centre),

Class 23: Strictly Beginner Horse Over 153cm - 1st Sheila McConnell (Diamond Annaghdown), 2nd Emilymae Cousins (Benjamin Flying Kite), 3rd Lesley Ferguson (Highland Bride).

Class 24: Novice, horse over 153cm - 1st Sara Davies (Broughs Dynamo), 2nd Izzy Miller-Smith (El Divo), 3rd Hannah Burns (Haughmond Midnite At Last), 4th Emily Galloway (Castlelodge Kaleidoscope), 5th Nicola Dale (The Lowes Reddrum), 6th Emily Singleton (Casper Coldplay).

Class 25: Intermediate, horse over 153cm - 1st Lorna Wilson (Silvano), 2nd Eden McCulloch (Oldlands Last Chance), 3rd Emily Singleton (Casper Coldplay), 4th Izzy Miller-Smith (Birchgrove Sally), 5th Samantha Cloy (Noble Credit Crunch).

Class 26: Open, horse over 153cm - 1st Emily Singleton (Knightsbridge H), 2nd Izzy Miller-Smith (Birchgrove Sally), 3rd Lorna Wilson (Silvano), 4th Samantha Cloy (Noble Credit Crunch).

Class 27: Working Hunter Championship For The Galloway PC Trophy (Sponsor – Galloway Branch Of The Pony Club) - Champion Eden McCulloch (Oldlands Last Chance), Reserve Izzy Miller-Smith (Birchgrove Sally).

Class 28: Pony Training Stakes, not exceeding 148cm - 1st Emma Drummond (Lochar Red Admiral), 2nd Evie Galloway (Arthen Awell Mai), 3rd Cara Jamieson (Cusop Paris).

Class 29: Beginner Pony - 1st Auryn Kirkpatrick (Cefyn Kracker), 2nd Breagh Kirkpatrick (Mr Pride).

Class 30: Pre-Novice Pony - 1st Erin Jamieson (Kyleston Chasing Dreams), 2nd – Molly McCubbin (Tilly), 3rd Breagh Kirkpatrick (Mr Pride), 4th Auryn Kirkpatrick (Cefyn Kracker).

Class 31: Mini Working Hunter Championship 1st and 2nd from Classes 28-30 (Sponsor – A&J Campbell, Carswalloch Farm) - Champion Erin Jamieson (Kyleston Chasing Dreams), Reserve Auryn Kirkpatrick (Cefyn Kracker).

Class 32: Novice Pony, not exceeding 153cm - 1st Erin Jamieson (Kyleston Chasing Dreams), 2nd Emily Kay (SBS Scribbler), 3rd Georgie Barr (Miami Hotshot).

Class 33: Intermediate Pony, not exceeding 153cm - 1st Emily Kay (SBS Scribbler), 2nd Georgie Barr (Miami Hotshot).

Class 35: Pony Championship (Sponsor – Muir Consultancy) Champion Georgie Barr (Miami Hotshot), Reserve Emily Kay (SBS Scribbler).

Ring 5: Fun Dog Show. Judge – Mrs J Lafferty

Class 36: Dog With Waggiest Tail (Sponsor – Muir Consultancy) - 1st Evie & Rosie, 2nd Erin & Ness, 3rd Libby & Barney, 4th Sam & Mo, 5th Anna & Brera, 6th= Jade & Peg, Katie & Scooby, Bella, Oliver + Tom & Kim.

Class 37 Best Small Dog/Terrier (Sponsor – Tarff Valley Ltd) 1st Megan & Lexi, 2nd Sally & Rosie, 3rd Sam & Mo, 4th Ellie & Patch, 5th Molly & Jonny.

Class 38: Best Medium Dog (Sponsor – Priory Vets Centre) - 1st Beth & Tato, 2nd Jade & Peg, 3rd Oliver & Kim, 4th Emily & Barney.

Class 39: Best Working Dog (Sponsor – M & K Property Development) 1st Katie & Scooby, 2nd Janet & Bobby, 3rd Erin & Ness, 4th Anna & Brera.

Class 40: Best Large Dog (Sponsor – R.G. Contracting) - 1st Anna & Rolo, 2nd Katie & Scooby, 3rd Maria & Bella.

Class 41: Best Young Handler Under 10 Years Old (Sponsor – A Jamieson & Sons, Livestock Haulage) - 1st Sally & Teasel, 2nd Sam & Mo, 3rd Megan & Lexi, 4th Nina & Bella, 5th Erin & Ness, 6th Beth & Tato.

Class 42: Best Veteran Dog 10 Years Old And Over (Sponsor – Rural Swim) - 1st Anna & Brera, 2nd Maria & Bella, 3rd Kim & Mr Winston.

Class 43: Best Puppy Under 12 Months - 1st Molly & Bella, 2nd Charlotte & Else, 3rd Gemma & Jenni, 4th Megan & Lexi, 5th Elle & Patch.

Class 44: Champion Dog (Sponsor – Academy Vets) Champion Anna & Rolo, Reserve Molly & Bella.

Galloway Pony Club Open Show - wh horse presentation - L-R Eden McCulloch, Louise Maxwell, Cherrie Etherington, Izzy Miller-Smith (Pic by Julia Macdonald)