Brutal weather does not deter memorial invitation entrants


The weather was terrible on Sunday for the qualifying round of the George Sprunt Memorial Invitation Sweepstake, but that will not deter those faithful supporters of this popular tournament.

One early competitor stated that the weather was brutal early out on the course, however some entrants had it dry with a bit of sunshine.

Well Alan Copeland (13)63, one of the early starters, came in with the best score followed by M. Campbell (8)67, G. Mackintosh (2)68, F. Docherty (15)68, S. Stamper (+1)69, G. Campbell (8)69,P. McCluskey (6)69, D. Bye (7)69, J. Ritchie (15)69, S. Johnstone (6)69, S. Macpherson (14)69, J. Duncan (7)70, B. Mills (8)70, M. Lothian (11)70, M. Cochrane (13)71, S. Hamilton (6)71, S. White (3)71, M. Young (11)71, K. Hamilton (0)71, C. Harvey (18)71, G. Wilson (8)71, R. Scott (5)71, R. McCluskey (14)71, D. Wilson Jnr. (10)72, J. McCormick (1)72, C. Savage (8)72, J. Fyfe Jnr. (8)72, P. Miller (12)72, G. Davey (14)72, A. Ingram (18)72, M. Swan (16)72, S. McIntosh (7)73, G. Boyle (13)73, J. Barr (17)73, D. Hamilton(8)73, R. McGowan (11)73, A Boyd (12)73, D. Nelson (5)73, W. Pitt (9)74, W. McCluskey (14)74, G. Stewart (7)74, M. Craig (18)74, W. Roberts Jnr. (15)75, B. McCutcheon (13)75, C. Campbell (15)75, D. Carr (8)75, P. McCloy (8)75, M. White (13)75, W. McDines (5)75, J. MacLachlan (9)75, J. McCluskey (14)75, B. Jamieson (16)76, D. Taylor (5)76, I. McLoed (7)76, I. McCulloch (17)76, B. Taylor (14)76, S. Rae (10)76, M. McKenna (18)76, W. Arnott (12)77 and D. Heron (16)77. All these competitors qualify, out of the 106 who took part, for the final round to be held on 15th. October 2017. Tee times and pairings will be put up on the Girvan Golf Club’s notice board and other prominent places once they have been drawn. Good luck and hopefully the weather will be a little better than it was for the qualifying round. This final round will include the ladies to add a little glamour to the occasion. Over at Turnberry in the McLellan/Brown Trophies played over the Ailsa course the result was very harmonious with David Nelson 82(5)77, Jim Byers 83(6)77 and John Broadfoot 81(4)77 which meant that John Broadfoot with the best scratch score picks up the Ronnie McLellan Trophy whilst David Nelson and Jim Byers have a play-off for the George Brown Trophy for the handicap scores. This is the competition in which Duncan Kerr received a Boss watch for a hole-in-one at the 4th. hole.

QUOTATIONS OF THE WEEK; Henry Longhurst was not only a famous golf commentator, writer but also a very adept golfer quoted ‘Golf is the Esperanto of sport. All over the world golfers talk the same language, much of it is nonsense, and much unprintable, endure the same frustrations, discover the same infallible secrets of putting, share the same illusory joys.’ A very good comment.

TALES FROM THE CADDYSHACK; Most golfers can put up with a bit of wind and some are prepared to play in the rain, but put the two together and you really are up against it. As you get older you wonder what fun you are getting from golf under those conditions and appreciate that the pleasure comes from playing in mild calm weather which is not too hot or too cold,. But here I am suggesting the near impossible for this part of the world , however occasionally this can happen and that is when those with a few years behind them can flock out on to the course and enjoy the pleasures of golf.