Bravehearts box their way to victory

The winning team from Bravehearts Boxing Club in Whithorn
The winning team from Bravehearts Boxing Club in Whithorn

Whithorn Bravehearts travelled to Colwyn Bay in North Wales last Saturday to compete in a club show hosted by Dyffryn Boxing Club.

Bravehearts’ Gavin ‘The Gift’ Martin boxed against Welsh National Squad boxer Harry Williams.

Straight from the bell the awkward Welsh southpaw came out of his corner throwing fast and furious straight shots to try and overwhelm the Braveheart, but Gavin’s experience of slipping and turning and countering with his left hook, straight back hand soon slowed up his Welsh opponent.

As the bout progressed it’s three rounds ‘The Gift’ stamped his authority over Williams and won the bout unanimously, chalking up Bravehearts first win of the season.

Bravehearts’ welterweight Tyler ‘Hotdog’ Jolly was next in to the ring against the current Welsh Champion Connah Jones.

This was Tyler’s first bout since he travelled over to Russia to compete in the world championships back in September and he was keen to get back in to the ring.

After the MC made the announcement it was clear that Jones was a local hero and the ‘Hotdog’ would have to work hard for a decision against the partisan crowd.

Round one similar to ‘The Gifts’ with the Welsh opponent trying to out punch the Braveheart, but Jones couldn’t work out why Tyler was managing to slip left each time and crunch him with hooks and upper cuts, that were eye catching for the officials and eye watering to him.

As the bout progress the crowd noise became deafening trying urge their home boy on, round three saw ‘Hot Dogs’ determination and skills step up a level, over his Welsh opponent who was running out of ideas.

Bravehearts’ ‘Hot dog’ started introducing his trade mark body shot that slowed Jones and quieted the crowd.

The judges awarded the bout to Jolly in a surprising split decision.

Bravehearts’ Kian ‘King’ Carnochan boxed straight after the ‘Hot dog’ and was keen to keep the Bravehearts momentum going.

His Welsh opponent was Dav Roberts who had a strong stocky build, and again the Welsh opponent started in the same vain, punching nonstop in an attempt to overwhelm his opponent,

Kian’s quick foot work turned his opponent and a left hook to the jaw and a blistering body shot put his opponent on the back foot as the round was nearing closure,

‘King’ Kian’s pressure, on his Welsh opponent increased, resulting in the referee stepping in bring the bout to a halt.

Result TKO to the Braveheart.

Coach Tom Jolly said: “ Bravehearts have battled over six hours through Storm Desmond to get to North Wales tonight and the boxers have performed brilliantly,

“Initially we had five boxers on the bill but due to pull outs from Welsh opponents it reduced to three.

To travel home with three wins out of the three, it’s a great start to the new season.”

Bravehearts train on Monday and Thursday in Whithorn new town hall, new members always welcome.